Federal report: Warming disrupts Americans' lives

Warming disrupting America with weird weather, rising pollen, more costs, federal report says

Wednesday - 05/07/2014, 03:10am EDT

Climate report predicts more extremes in Midwest

Climate report predicts global warming will worsen existing weather trends in Midwest

Tuesday - 05/06/2014, 07:11pm EDT

Climate change to make Great Plains hotter, drier

Climate change expected to bring higher temperatures, more water shortages to Great Plains

Tuesday - 05/06/2014, 06:58pm EDT

Report: Southeast is 'exceptionally vulnerable'

Climate report: Southeast is 'exceptionally vulnerable' to sea level rise, hotter temperatures

Tuesday - 05/06/2014, 05:37pm EDT

Fed climate report called 'tremendous undertaking'

What's behind new federal climate report? 253 authors, 30 chapters, 3,096 research footnotes

Tuesday - 05/06/2014, 04:50pm EDT

Search for shipwreck yields trove of uncertainty

Excitement of search for 17th century shipwreck in Lake Michigan yields trove of uncertainty

Tuesday - 05/06/2014, 03:31pm EDT

Federal report: Warming disrupts Americans' lives

Federal report: Warming is disrupting America with weird weather, rising pollen, more costs

Tuesday - 05/06/2014, 02:32pm EDT

Billy Frank Jr., tribal fishing activist, dies

Billy Frank Jr., leader of Northwest 'fish wars' that restored tribal rights, dies at 83

Tuesday - 05/06/2014, 02:19am EDT

Austrian children injected with malaria parasite

Austrian experts commission: Patients, including children injected with malaria parasite

Monday - 05/05/2014, 07:40pm EDT

Obama dire climate report more certain than ever

Massive federal report to detail how global warming is hurting US and will worsen in future

Monday - 05/05/2014, 03:10pm EDT

Indiana health officials: MERS patient improving

Indiana health officials: Patient hospitalized with MERS improving; no new cases identified

Sunday - 05/04/2014, 03:32pm EDT

U.Va. faculty members win education grants

U.Va. faculty members win grants to boost science, math education in state schools

Friday - 05/02/2014, 07:08pm EDT

Court orders EPA to adopt new air pollution rule

Federal court orders EPA to adopt new air pollution standards after delays

Friday - 05/02/2014, 03:20pm EDT

APNewsBreak: Isle Royale wolf decline boosts moose

APNewsBreak: Scientists say wolf decline, rising moose numbers raise concerns for Isle Royale

Friday - 05/02/2014, 02:22pm EDT

Tornado seasons lately have been boom or bust

Odd weather pattern baffles experts: US lately lurches from lots of tornadoes to unusual quiet

Friday - 05/02/2014, 02:22pm EDT

Right mix of conditions brewed tornado outbreak

Dry, cool air mixed with warm moisture, add in heat, and deadly tornado outbreak is cooked up

Friday - 05/02/2014, 02:22pm EDT

TVA: Watts Bar set for December 2015 completion

TVA: Watts Bar nuclear plant set for completion in December 2015, systems ready for testing

Friday - 05/02/2014, 11:40am EDT

D.C. named one of the 10 most polluted cities in U.S.

D.C. is credited with being one of the greenest cities, one of the healthiest cities and one of the wealthiest cities. But it's also one of the most polluted cities.

Friday - 05/02/2014, 06:51am EDT

Scientists urge delay in destroying last smallpox

Countries prepare to debate destroying last smallpox stocks; US officials say still too soon

Friday - 05/02/2014, 05:10am EDT
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