Vitamin C may help prevent stroke

That morning glass of orange juice may just be a powerful weapon to prevent stroke.

Monday - 02/17/2014, 09:09am EST

New theme song for Jamaican bobsled team

The Jamaican bobsled team has a catchy new theme song and video.

Monday - 02/17/2014, 07:04am EST

British mechanic takes to road in souped-up kids classic (Video)

The Little Tikes Cozy Coupe - the red car with the yellow roof that you can find in so many suburban driveways - isn't just for kids anymore.

Monday - 02/17/2014, 06:45am EST

Study shows what fuels nightmares

Ten thousand dreams were documented by researchers at the University of Montreal for a study into nightmares and bad dreams.

Monday - 02/17/2014, 05:43am EST

LA workers break record for largest concrete pour

LA workers break Guinness record for largest continuous concrete pour

Sunday - 02/16/2014, 09:46pm EST

Affleck and Damon poke fun for a good cause

The two stars are promoting their charity initiatives in this hilarious video.

Sunday - 02/16/2014, 02:02pm EST

Sleep positions reveal couples' love

Are you a spooner? Maybe a sleep back-to-backer or a hogger of the whole bed.

Saturday - 02/15/2014, 09:01am EST

2 Tampa Bay women get lost wedding dresses back

2 Tampa Bay women get their wedding dresses back 9 years after they were switched

Saturday - 02/15/2014, 04:10am EST

Mich. bar honors wish, hosts employee's funeral

Last call: Suburban Detroit bar honors wish, hosts longtime employee's funeral attended by 100

Saturday - 02/15/2014, 03:10am EST

Albino alligators make snappy, happy home in Paris

Rare albino alligators make a Paris aquarium their snappy, happy new home

Saturday - 02/15/2014, 03:10am EST

Man jailed after sleeping in Portland police car

Homeless man arrested after sleeping in back seat of unattended Portland police car

Friday - 02/14/2014, 08:10pm EST

Heart-warming messages to patients etched in snow

Minnesota hospital patients and staff enjoy heart-warming messages crafted in fresh snow

Friday - 02/14/2014, 08:10pm EST

Glitch leads to penny gas at N. Illinois station

Glitch prompts Shell station in northern Illinois to sell gas for a penny a gallon

Friday - 02/14/2014, 07:20pm EST

Ohio mom who loathed name can change it to Sexy

Married Ohio mom who despises her first name is allowed to change it from Sheila to Sexy

Friday - 02/14/2014, 07:06pm EST

McDonald's for Valentine's Day?

Romantics in Tampa who want to don't want to break the bank or families who want to bring their kids along may be heading to McDonald's for Valentine's Day dinner.

Friday - 02/14/2014, 05:23pm EST

D.C. is second worst city for singles

Singles Awareness Day may be a more appropriate name for Friday's holiday in the District, at least according to Facebook.

Friday - 02/14/2014, 05:00pm EST

School-closure announcement kicks it old-school (Video)

Two school administrators turned a school-closing announcement into a rap.

Friday - 02/14/2014, 08:36am EST

10 things you might not know about wine

Wine: Just because you drink it, doesn't mean you know everything about it.

Friday - 02/14/2014, 07:32am EST

'Selfie' photo leads to California burglary arrest

'Selfie' photo leads to arrest of church burglary suspect in Southern California

Friday - 02/14/2014, 01:21am EST

Mich. college offers course in zombies, apocalypse

Students at Mich. college study zombies, biblical texts in exploration of apocalyptic themes

Thursday - 02/13/2014, 04:46pm EST
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