Planetarium stars align, spell love for Ga. couple

Stars inside planetarium align just right to spell love for 1 Ga. couple: 'Will You Marry Me?

Monday - 09/23/2013, 10:40am EDT

Va. museum falls short in bid to set pirate mark

Mariners' Museum in Newport News falls short of setting record for largest pirate gathering

Sunday - 09/22/2013, 03:21pm EDT

British drivers can pay for parking with chestnuts

Some British parking lots letting drivers pay with horse chestnuts rather than cash

Saturday - 09/21/2013, 02:00am EDT

Pa. man charged with DUI on riding lawn mower

Police: Pa. man with suspended license charged with DUI, had beer on riding mower in road

Saturday - 09/21/2013, 02:00am EDT

Cheer up, Grumpy Cat: You have an endorsement deal

Cheer up, Grumpy Cat: Frown-faced feline Internet sensation gets cat food endorsement deal

Friday - 09/20/2013, 07:00pm EDT

2 accused of elaborate calculator theft scheme

2 accused of elaborate graphing calculator theft scheme in Utah; devices valued at $130 each

Friday - 09/20/2013, 01:38pm EDT

Va. museum recruiting pirates for world record

Mariners' Museum in Virginia aims to claim world record for largest gathering of pirates

Friday - 09/20/2013, 07:54am EDT

Tenn. judge: Parents can name their baby 'Messiah'

A Tennessee judge gives the parents of an 8-month old baby the OK to name their baby "Messiah."

Thursday - 09/19/2013, 11:56am EDT

Grass bugs plague northeast Oregon community

Grass bugs infestation reaches 'plague-like numbers' in northeast Oregon community

Thursday - 09/19/2013, 11:10am EDT

Russian shot in quarrel over Kant's philosophy

Discussion of Kant's philosophy in Russia ends in gunfire

Thursday - 09/19/2013, 11:10am EDT

Boston homeless man glad to turn in lost money

Boston homeless man glad to get money-filled pack to owner, wouldn't keep 'a penny'

Thursday - 09/19/2013, 10:02am EDT

4 new species of legless lizards found in Calif.

Scientists discover 4 new species of legless lizards in California

Thursday - 09/19/2013, 05:35am EDT

Study: Sleepy or not, performance the same

Insomnia may feel awful from head to toe, but the effects might not translate to actual performance.

Thursday - 09/19/2013, 04:30am EDT

Parents in the workplace can boost morale, productivity

It's like "Bring Your Kids to Work Day" -- but the opposite.

Wednesday - 09/18/2013, 04:23am EDT

Fla. station explains why it's airing dismal Jags

Orlando's WKMG issues message during game explaining why it has to air struggling Jaguars

Tuesday - 09/17/2013, 05:10pm EDT

Brazil soccer club ousted after masseur makes save

Different kind of rubdown: Brazilian soccer club ousted from playoffs after masseur make saves

Tuesday - 09/17/2013, 04:28pm EDT

Hawaii can't fit woman's last name on license

Hawaii can't fit woman's 36-character last name on driver's license

Tuesday - 09/17/2013, 04:12pm EDT

Club ejected after masseur makes soccer saves

Different kind of rubdown: Brazilian club ousted from league after masseur make saves on field

Tuesday - 09/17/2013, 01:38pm EDT

Would you board flight 666 to HEL?

Friday the 13th: Would you board flight 666 to HEL? Finnair's flight tackles airline taboos

Monday - 09/16/2013, 08:00pm EDT

Ig Nobel awards honor weird, funny discoveries

Research on dung beetles, people who think they're drunk among the 2013 Ig Nobel award winners

Sunday - 09/15/2013, 05:40pm EDT
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