DIGITS: A conflicted public on the debt ceiling

DIGITS: How to avert a crisis? The public sends mixed messages on the debt ceiling

Tuesday - 10/15/2013, 04:12pm EDT

For Obama, budget fight has high stakes for agenda

Outcome of budget fights carries high stakes for Obama's now-stalled second term agenda

Tuesday - 10/15/2013, 04:12pm EDT

Shutdown could freeze D.C. teachers' pay

The D.C. government is running on contingency funds now, but if the shutdown continues, it could mean a payroll freeze

Tuesday - 10/15/2013, 03:29pm EDT

Crowd storms World War II Memorial

Thousands of people converged on the World War II Memorial on the National Mall on Sunday morning and tore down the barricades blocking it off, protesting the closure of the memorial during the federal government shutdown.

Tuesday - 10/15/2013, 11:46am EDT

House GOP preps separate debt limit, funding bill

AP Sources: House GOP preps debt limit, funding bill separate from Senate

Tuesday - 10/15/2013, 11:40am EDT

Automatic cuts re-emerge as budget battle issue

Automatic spending cuts re-emerge as central issue in budget battle

Tuesday - 10/15/2013, 10:04am EDT

Shutdown sends butterflies to museum in Roanoke

Museum in Roanoke to take in butterflies during partial government shutdown

Tuesday - 10/15/2013, 08:10am EDT

Shutdown could make unpredictable flu even dicier

Tracking the flu could be complicated because of the government shutdown.

Tuesday - 10/15/2013, 05:31am EDT

Shutdown deal in sight? Reid, McConnell optimistic

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid reported progress Monday toward a deal to avoid a threatened default and end a two-week partial government shutdown as President Barack Obama called congressional leaders to the White House to press for an end to the impasse.

Tuesday - 10/15/2013, 03:42am EDT

US never defaulted on its debt? Not so fast

You hear the same proud claim every time Washington wrestles with the debt limit: The United States has never defaulted. But the record's not that clean. America has stiffed creditors on at least two occasions.

Monday - 10/14/2013, 09:38pm EDT

Obama cites progress in talks; warns of default

President Barack Obama is sounding an optimistic note saying there has been progress in the Senate toward resolving a standoff over the nation's debt and the partial government shutdown. But he cautions that if Republicans don't cooperate, "we stand a good chance of defaulting."

Monday - 10/14/2013, 01:18pm EDT

Default looming, Day 14 of shutdown, no solution

The United States moved perilously closer to an economy-rattling default and a partial government shutdown entered its third week as Senate Democratic and Republican leaders remained at odds over spending in their last-ditch negotiations to end the crises gripping the nation.

Monday - 10/14/2013, 10:37am EDT

Boehner presses for short-term debt increase

Boehner presses for short-term debt increase, budget talks

Monday - 10/14/2013, 09:09am EDT

Georgetown University offers free classes for furloughed feds

Furloughed federal employees can take select free courses at Georgetown University.

Monday - 10/14/2013, 09:03am EDT

Shutdown driving debate over role of government

The lingering federal shutdown is transforming a musty debate over the role of government in America into a coast-to-coast, prime-time reality show.

Monday - 10/14/2013, 07:11am EDT

Reid: Soft-spoken, combative Obama partner vs GOP

Harry Reid, the soft-spoken but pugilistic Senate majority leader, didn't wait for White House officials to declare their view of high-stakes talks over the government shutdown and debt.

Monday - 10/14/2013, 06:05am EDT

Timeline: Congress' path to federal shutdown

Timeline of action on partial government shutdown, expiring federal borrowing authority

Monday - 10/14/2013, 05:10am EDT

Amid shutdown, runners protest at Valley Forge, Pa.

Dozens of people staged a protest run through Valley Forge National Historical Park on Sunday after a runner and others were ticketed amid the government shutdown.

Sunday - 10/13/2013, 09:45pm EDT

Spending stumbling block to budget deal

Senate Republicans and Democrats hit an impasse Sunday over spending in their last-ditch struggle to avoid an economy-jarring default in just four days and end a partial government shutdown that's entering its third week.

Sunday - 10/13/2013, 09:43pm EDT

2 attractions on Blue Ridge Parkway in Va. reopen

Peaks of Otter Lodge, Mabry Mill reopen on Blue Ridge Parkway in Va following shutdown closure

Sunday - 10/13/2013, 12:30pm EDT
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