US opens new Ebola treatment unit in Liberia

US opens 100-bed Ebola treatment unit in Liberia, the first of 17

Tuesday - 11/11/2014, 08:38am EST

Suicide bomber kills 48 students in Nigeria

Suicide bomber disguised in school uniform kills 48 students at northern Nigerian school

Tuesday - 11/11/2014, 04:10am EST

Ebola finds new hotspots outside Liberian capital

As Ebola cases appear to drop in Liberian capital, disease finds new hotspots elsewhere

Tuesday - 11/11/2014, 03:32am EST

Pistorius appeal hearing set for Dec. 9

Oscar Pistorius appeal hearing set for Dec. 9, prosecutors say; defense to oppose appeal

Monday - 11/10/2014, 05:10pm EST

South Sudan's new cease-fire already broken

South Sudan's latest ceasefire is already broken; 29 die in new fighting, says government

Monday - 11/10/2014, 01:58pm EST

Ebola: Sierra Leone hit by lack of treatment units

As Ebola hits Sierra Leone the hardest, the lack of treatment centers becomes critical

Monday - 11/10/2014, 10:48am EST

Algeria inaugurates new Renault plant in Oran

Algeria inaugurates first car plant with new Renault factory in Oran

Monday - 11/10/2014, 10:29am EST

AP PHOTOS: In Zimbabwe, fishing can be a lifeline

AP PHOTOS: Zimbabwe fish poachers brave armed guards and crocodiles in hopes of a good catch

Monday - 11/10/2014, 10:26am EST

French military says 24 jihadists killed in Mali

French military says 24 jihadists killed in northern Mali operation that killed French soldier

Saturday - 11/08/2014, 12:00pm EST

Another peace deal forged in South Sudan

Another peace deal forged in South Sudan amid increasing international pressure

Saturday - 11/08/2014, 10:20am EST

Nigerians flee as Islamic extremists dig in

Hundreds of children missing as Nigerian extremists seize territory, fly al-Qaida flag

Saturday - 11/08/2014, 12:34am EST

Botswana court rejects change of parliament vote

A Botswana court has rejected the president's bid to change vote for vice president

Friday - 11/07/2014, 02:50pm EST

Journalist in limbo fears returning to Botswana

Botswana journalist fears persecution from a government that says he has nothing to fear

Friday - 11/07/2014, 01:44pm EST

Amid Ebola disaster, WHO picks new Africa chief

Amid Ebola disaster, WHO picks new chief to take over troubled Africa office

Friday - 11/07/2014, 10:52am EST

Burkina Faso leader cross with regional mediators

Burkina Faso military leader criticizes regional mediators, saying AU deadline not a threat

Thursday - 11/06/2014, 06:48pm EST

Uganda army suspends 15 for Somalia allegations

Uganda suspends 15 soldiers over allegations of misconduct while deployed in Somalia

Thursday - 11/06/2014, 12:40pm EST

Mozambique's government plans ahead for flooding

Mozambique's government sets up contingency plan to deal with frequent and deadly flooding

Thursday - 11/06/2014, 12:30pm EST

Mozambique frees opposition party fighters

Mozambique's government grants amnesty to opposition fighters involved in recent clashes

Thursday - 11/06/2014, 08:38am EST

3 presidents press Burkina Faso on civilian rule

3 African presidents visit Burkina Faso to press military to return to civilian rule

Wednesday - 11/05/2014, 10:26pm EST

Suspected poachers escape Mozambique police post

2 suspected poachers in Mozambique escape from police station while awaiting trial

Wednesday - 11/05/2014, 11:10am EST

Angola journalist criticizes African Union

Human rights campaigner says African Union should move headquarters out of Ethiopia

Wednesday - 11/05/2014, 09:50am EST

Many African leaders seek to extend time in power

Burkina Faso leader not only African seeking to hold power by changing constitutional limits

Wednesday - 11/05/2014, 08:40am EST

Thousands break Ebola quarantine to find food

Aid agencies: Thousands in Sierra Leone are violating Ebola quarantine to find food

Wednesday - 11/05/2014, 02:06am EST

Pistorius prosecutors file appeal papers

Oscar Pistorius prosecutors appeal, say judge wrong on verdict and 'shockingly light' sentence

Tuesday - 11/04/2014, 04:30pm EST

African Union envoy meets Burkina Faso opposition

African Union envoy meets with Burkina Faso opposition to work for return to civilian rule

Tuesday - 11/04/2014, 04:28pm EST
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