Region struggles for normalcy days after storms

The mid-Atlantic region is struggling to get back to normal after deadly, power-cutting storms and a mid-week holiday.

Thursday - 07/05/2012, 08:37am EDT

Be prepared when the lights go out

One certainty in life is that the power will go out.

Thursday - 07/05/2012, 05:05am EDT

Tree falls on car with WTOP accountant inside

Gabriel Franco, accountant for WTOP

Thursday - 07/05/2012, 12:33am EDT


Thursday: Back to work, school; Federal employees have options

Many camps and summer schools that have regained power are open again on Thursday.

Wednesday - 07/04/2012, 10:58pm EDT

What to do with storm debris and spoiled food

Find out where and when you can get rid of your spoiled food and storm debris.

Wednesday - 07/04/2012, 05:34pm EDT

Tree removal tips and contact information

If Friday's big storm damaged your property, there are a few important steps to take when filing an insurance claim and to safely removing trees from your property.

Wednesday - 07/04/2012, 04:03pm EDT

Timeline of derecho that hit Friday

The massive and powerful storm that blew through the Washington-area Friday night is a weather system known as a derecho.

Wednesday - 07/04/2012, 03:41pm EDT

Utility worker from Fla. killed when truck crashes

The Loudoun County Sheriff's Office says a utility worker from Florida who helping restore power in northern Virginia was killed when her bucket truck crashed into a semi-trailer in Bluemont.

Wednesday - 07/04/2012, 01:20pm EDT

Do utility companies deserve thanks?

Bob Beckel and Cal Thomas, commentators

Wednesday - 07/04/2012, 12:39pm EDT


Friday's storm creates need for blood donations

Summer is typically a slow time of year for Inova Health System's blood donation center in Sterling, which services 15 hospitals in the area.

Wednesday - 07/04/2012, 11:58am EDT

States could investigate utility companies

Rep. Chris Van Hollen, D-Md.

Wednesday - 07/04/2012, 10:30am EDT


Smithsonian Folklife Festival to resume in DC

The Smithsonian Folklife Festival is set to resume on the National Mall.

Wednesday - 07/04/2012, 09:35am EDT

Damaged trees still pose threat to D.C. neighborhoods

As stormy weather remains in the region's forecast, the good news is that it won't be nearly as severe as Friday's storm -- but it does mean more trees could fall.

Wednesday - 07/04/2012, 09:04am EDT

News guide on the hows and whys of power outages

In the aftermath of storms that knocked out power to millions, overheated residents and elected officials are demanding to know why it's taking so long to restring power lines and why they're not more resilient in the first place.

Tuesday - 07/03/2012, 11:30pm EDT

Utilities rely on out-of-state workers after storm

A fleet of 20 electrical utility trucks, with cranes capable of hoisting a line worker 55 feet above the ground, commandeered the parking lot behind a Hampton Inn in the northern Virginia exurbs of Washington early Tuesday morning.

Tuesday - 07/03/2012, 09:30pm EDT

Snapshots from 4th day without power in eastern US

At Ayd Hardware in Towson, a chalk sidewalk sign said in big letters YES/DRY ICE." That was enough to draw in Sheila Williams of the Lockhearn area of Baltimore County, who happened to be driving by.

Tuesday - 07/03/2012, 09:23pm EDT

Contractor killed in fall from tree in Md.

Emergency management officials say a contractor who fell from a tree in Garrett County has died. His death is the fourth storm-related fatality in Maryland.

Tuesday - 07/03/2012, 06:23pm EDT

The glass half-full

Chris Core, commentator

Tuesday - 07/03/2012, 05:27pm EDT


Should this be happening?

Dave Ross, commentator

Tuesday - 07/03/2012, 05:24pm EDT


Verizon reveals its first specific recovery numbers

In a statement to WTOP, a spokesman says a "power issue" in an Arlington facility has created "several issues that we're currently working through." This includes an inability for some Fairfax and Prince William customers to call 911.

Tuesday - 07/03/2012, 05:03pm EDT
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