'Green Eggs and Ham,' 'Duck Dynasty' and Twitter: Ted Cruz's time on the Senate floor

Watch videos of some of Sen. Ted Cruz's statements on the Senate floor through Wednesday morning.

Wednesday - 09/25/2013, 08:09am EDT

Video: Group of panda cubs debuts at China breeding center

A group of artificially bred panda cubs were put together on Monday, for the first time since their births in the city of Chengdu in southwest China's Sichuan Provinces.

Tuesday - 09/24/2013, 05:43pm EDT

Former President Bush shows off new cat on Instagram

Meet Bob the cat. He wandered onto President George W. Bush's Crawford, Texas ranch and into the hearts of the former first family, according to Instagram.

Tuesday - 09/24/2013, 03:04pm EDT

Soldier surprises daughter at elementary school (Video)

Staff Sgt. Michael Howes came home early from his deployment overseas and surprised his daughter and stepdaughter in their Connecticut schools Monday.

Tuesday - 09/24/2013, 02:40pm EDT

Burglary suspect falls through ceiling in Calif.

Burglary suspect arrested after falling through apartment ceiling in San Francisco

Monday - 09/23/2013, 08:40pm EDT

Princeton University hopes cups curb meningitis

'Mine. Not Yours': Princeton University handing out cups to students to try to curb meningitis

Monday - 09/23/2013, 08:40pm EDT

Wis. college student helps pay tuition by eating

Competitive eating helps Univ. of Wisconsin student pay for school

Monday - 09/23/2013, 08:24pm EDT

Hawaii man: Duct tape used in theft of 23 goats

23 purebred goats stolen from Hawaii farm; owner says thieves use duct tape to keep them quiet

Monday - 09/23/2013, 07:49pm EDT

Planetarium stars align, spell love for Ga. couple

Stars inside planetarium align just right to spell love for 1 Ga. couple: 'Will You Marry Me?

Monday - 09/23/2013, 10:40am EDT

Va. museum falls short in bid to set pirate mark

Mariners' Museum in Newport News falls short of setting record for largest pirate gathering

Sunday - 09/22/2013, 03:21pm EDT

British drivers can pay for parking with chestnuts

Some British parking lots letting drivers pay with horse chestnuts rather than cash

Saturday - 09/21/2013, 02:00am EDT

Pa. man charged with DUI on riding lawn mower

Police: Pa. man with suspended license charged with DUI, had beer on riding mower in road

Saturday - 09/21/2013, 02:00am EDT

Cheer up, Grumpy Cat: You have an endorsement deal

Cheer up, Grumpy Cat: Frown-faced feline Internet sensation gets cat food endorsement deal

Friday - 09/20/2013, 07:00pm EDT

2 accused of elaborate calculator theft scheme

2 accused of elaborate graphing calculator theft scheme in Utah; devices valued at $130 each

Friday - 09/20/2013, 01:38pm EDT

Va. museum recruiting pirates for world record

Mariners' Museum in Virginia aims to claim world record for largest gathering of pirates

Friday - 09/20/2013, 07:54am EDT

Tenn. judge: Parents can name their baby 'Messiah'

A Tennessee judge gives the parents of an 8-month old baby the OK to name their baby "Messiah."

Thursday - 09/19/2013, 11:56am EDT

Grass bugs plague northeast Oregon community

Grass bugs infestation reaches 'plague-like numbers' in northeast Oregon community

Thursday - 09/19/2013, 11:10am EDT

Russian shot in quarrel over Kant's philosophy

Discussion of Kant's philosophy in Russia ends in gunfire

Thursday - 09/19/2013, 11:10am EDT

Boston homeless man glad to turn in lost money

Boston homeless man glad to get money-filled pack to owner, wouldn't keep 'a penny'

Thursday - 09/19/2013, 10:02am EDT

4 new species of legless lizards found in Calif.

Scientists discover 4 new species of legless lizards in California

Thursday - 09/19/2013, 05:35am EDT
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