Gray raises $627,000 in less than 2 months

DC mayor raises $627,000 for re-election bid, closing gap with challengers

Saturday - 02/01/2014, 12:09pm EST

Reports show an election year awash in money

As candidates and committees report on fundraising, a flood of money awaits election year

Saturday - 02/01/2014, 03:50am EST

DNC raises almost $65M last year, spends as much

DNC enters election with $15M in debt after raising and spending almost $65M last year

Friday - 01/31/2014, 07:50pm EST

Special election scheduled to fill Radel's seat

Special election scheduled in southwest Florida to fill Trey Radel's US House seat

Friday - 01/31/2014, 07:20pm EST

Senate Republicans raise almost $37M in 2013

Campaign committee raises almost $37M to turn Senate in Republicans' favor, has $8M banked

Friday - 01/31/2014, 07:00pm EST

GOP committee has $21M banked to defend House

House Republican committee has $21M banked to defend majority, raises $61M last year

Friday - 01/31/2014, 07:00pm EST

Senate Dems raise $53M, have $12M banked

Dems' committee to elect senators raise $53M last year, has $12M in hand to defend majority

Friday - 01/31/2014, 06:30pm EST

New Orleans mayor's race: Murder down, woes remain

New Orleans mayoral race: Incumbent lauds lower murder rate, yet many don't feel safe

Friday - 01/31/2014, 04:18pm EST

RNC: $81M raised last year, $9M banked

RNC says it raised $81M last year, has $9M in the bank heading into election year

Friday - 01/31/2014, 04:14pm EST

Questions, answers about futile polls in Thailand

Thai polls will not resolve political crisis; some questions and answers about the mess

Friday - 01/31/2014, 10:50am EST

Parties target campaigns for secretary of state

Democrats, Republicans trying to influence campaigns for secretary of state

Friday - 01/31/2014, 07:50am EST

Another $4M in outside money heading to Fla. race

Outside groups sending another $4M in Florida special election, underscoring size of spending

Friday - 01/31/2014, 05:00am EST

DC mayor faces 1st fundraising deadline

DC mayor faces 1st fundraising deadline of re-election bid; campaign says it will be outspent

Friday - 01/31/2014, 04:40am EST

DGA says it raised $28 million to elect governors

Democratic Governors Association says it raised $28 million last year, group trails GOP rival

Thursday - 01/30/2014, 06:00pm EST

Congress: DC budget autonomy referendum invalid

Government Accountability Office: voter-approved DC budget referendum has 'no legal effect'

Thursday - 01/30/2014, 04:59pm EST

Transgender candidate to challenge gay senator

A transgender candidate has announced she will run against an openly gay state senator in Montgomery County in the Democratic primary.

Thursday - 01/30/2014, 04:47pm EST

House Democrats raised $76 million in 2013

House Democrats raised $76 million in 2013, have $30 million in bank as election year starts

Thursday - 01/30/2014, 12:50pm EST

Hogan chooses Boyd Rutherford as running mate

Republican Larry Hogan has chosen Boyd Rutherford as his running mate in his campaign for governor.

Thursday - 01/30/2014, 01:43am EST

Panama's first lady is governing party's VP pick

Panama's governing party picks first lady as its vice presidential candidate for May election

Thursday - 01/30/2014, 12:10am EST

Analysis: A thin path narrows Obama's ambitions

Analysis: Obama's ambitions and the limits of power, politics and a late-night speech

Wednesday - 01/29/2014, 05:40pm EST
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