AP PHOTOS: Science in silence in Radio Quiet Zone

AP PHOTOS: Silence enables science in W.Va.'s Radio Quiet Zone

Wednesday - 12/04/2013, 08:27am EST

NASA forms partnership with CCAM in Va.

NASA forms partnership with Commonwealth Center for Advanced Manufacturing

Wednesday - 12/04/2013, 03:50am EST

Eurasian ruffe DNA found in southern Lake Michigan

Scientists: Eurasian ruffe DNA found in southern Lake Michigan; possible threat to Mississippi

Tuesday - 12/03/2013, 09:04pm EST

Indian craft leaves Earth's orbit on way to Mars

Indian spacecraft leaves Earth's orbit, operating normally on 300-day journey to Mars

Tuesday - 12/03/2013, 07:30pm EST

Hair-brained idea? Sony applies for SmartWig patent

Wearable computers are all the rage. There's Google Glass and a number of smart watches. Now, Sony has applied for a patent for a SmartWig.

Tuesday - 12/03/2013, 05:28am EST

Q&A: Common Core academic standards

Q&A: What are the Common Core academic standards and why should parents care?

Tuesday - 12/03/2013, 01:48am EST

Cognizant planning to add 10,000 jobs over 3 years

IT firm Cognizant moving US operations hub to Texas; plans to add 10,000 US jobs over 3 years

Monday - 12/02/2013, 03:10pm EST

Rare species could delay Md.'s Purple Line light-rail

A shrimplike creature taking up residence in Rock Creek Park is giving proposed plans for Maryland's Purple Line light-rail a run for its money.

Monday - 12/02/2013, 04:35am EST

Did Comet ISON survive? Scientists see tiny hope

Did Comet ISON survive brush with sun? Scientists see sliver of hope in new images

Monday - 12/02/2013, 01:50am EST

Glitches keep private firm from launching rocket

More technical problems keep private company from launching rocket; SpaceX to try again soon

Sunday - 12/01/2013, 10:20pm EST

Conn. university to test pot for contaminants

University of New Haven developing new method to test marijuana for mold, other contaminants

Sunday - 12/01/2013, 01:40pm EST

Dog-doo scofflaws get bagged through DNA testing

Here's the scoop on the latest trend in DNA testing: Bagging dog-doo scofflaws

Friday - 11/29/2013, 05:30pm EST

Space hosts busy Thanksgiving with launch, comet

For space fans, something to be thankful for: Turkey day launch, comet and freeze-dried feast

Friday - 11/29/2013, 06:30am EST

Scientists: Sun-grazing comet likely broke up

Scientists: Comet ISON probably didn't survive close encounter with sun

Friday - 11/29/2013, 03:00am EST

More gases erupt from rumbling Indonesian volcano

More hot gases erupt from rumbling volcano in western Indonesia; 15K evacuated in 3-mile zone

Thursday - 11/28/2013, 06:59pm EST

Study: US spewing 50% more methane than EPA says

Big methane burp: Cows, refineries, drilling spew 50% more gas than feds estimate, study says

Thursday - 11/28/2013, 05:56pm EST

Sardine crash may be hurting brown pelicans

Thursday - 11/28/2013, 04:30pm EST

FDA tells 23andMe to halt sales of genetic test

FDA warns 23andMe to stop marketing genetic test which claims to predict chances of diseases

Thursday - 11/28/2013, 04:28am EST

Where to find photos, facts about Comet ISON

Comet ISON may not be visible to the naked eye Thursday morning, but that doesn't mean science and technology can't help us see the icy comet racing toward our sun.

Wednesday - 11/27/2013, 06:09pm EST

Comet dances with sun, death; giving mixed signals

Comet giving astronomers 'wild ride'; one day looks about to die, next day looks better

Wednesday - 11/27/2013, 05:25pm EST
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