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Secret hostage rescue played out as Obama spoke

The secret was still intact when President Barack Obama, entering the House chamber Tuesday evening to deliver his State of the Union speech, pointed at his Pentagon chief and said, "Good job tonight."

Wednesday - 01/25/2012, 12:01pm EST

Obama praises special ops forces in hostage rescue

"Good job tonight," President Barack Obama told his Defense chief as he arrived for his annual State of the Union message.

Wednesday - 01/25/2012, 09:14am EST

In GOP response, Daniels blames Obama for economy

President Barack Obama has resorted to "extremism" with stifling, anti-growth policies and sought to divide Americans, not unite them, Indiana Gov. Mitch Daniels said in the formal Republican response to the president's State of the Union address.

Wednesday - 01/25/2012, 08:31am EST

Biden: Obama sought repeatedly to work with GOP

Vice President Joe Biden said Wednesday the protracted policy fight between Democrats and Republicans in Washington is "not about bad guys and good guys," but centers on how best to keep the middle class growing in America.

Wednesday - 01/25/2012, 07:44am EST

Reactions to the State of the Union by Obama

Reaction to President Barack Obama's State of the Union address:

Wednesday - 01/25/2012, 04:13am EST

Jobs, energy, values top issues in Obama address

Highlights of President Barack Obama's State of the Union address:

Wednesday - 01/25/2012, 04:11am EST

FACT CHECK: Obama pushes plans that flopped before

It was a wish list, not a to-do list.

Wednesday - 01/25/2012, 03:58am EST

School lunches to have more veggies, whole grains

Schoolchildren's favorite lunch _ the ubiquitous frozen pizza _ is about to get healthier.

Wednesday - 01/25/2012, 03:01am EST

Obama proposes broad refinancing for homeowners

President Barack Obama proposed a new program during his State of the Union address Tuesday to allow homeowners with privately held mortgages to refinance at lower interest rates.

Tuesday - 01/24/2012, 10:54pm EST

Buffett secretary to attend State of the Union

The secretary for one of the world's wealthiest men and the wife of late Apple cofounder Steve Jobs are among those invited by the White House to attend the State of the Union address.

Tuesday - 01/24/2012, 10:11pm EST

Obama seeks to reform how Congress operates

President Barack Obama is using his State of the Union address to call for reforms to prevent members of Congress from profiting from their positions.

Tuesday - 01/24/2012, 09:17pm EST

Obama proposes steps to keep tuition down

President Barack Obama is proposing to keep college affordable by yanking federal aid from colleges that don't keep tuition down and provide good value.

Tuesday - 01/24/2012, 09:15pm EST

Text of Obama's State of the Union address

Text of President Barack Obama's State of the Union address, as provided by the White House:

Tuesday - 01/24/2012, 09:14pm EST

Obama says millionaires should pay a minimum tax

President Barack Obama says the wealthy should pay their fair share in taxes, saying anyone who makes more than $1 million should pay a minimum tax rate of at least 30 percent.

Tuesday - 01/24/2012, 09:14pm EST

Agriculture chief Vilsack sits out Obama speech

The White House says Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack is sitting out President Barack Obama's State of the Union address.

Tuesday - 01/24/2012, 08:45pm EST

Parties jockey on State of the Union point-scoring

A top adviser to President Barack Obama says the White House is "happy to have a debate" about Obama's performance in office, while a leading House Republican says the president can't win on his record.

Tuesday - 01/24/2012, 07:29am EST

PROMISES, PROMISES: A mixed record for Obama goals

As President Barack Obama prepares to deliver his annual address to Congress, many goals he outlined in previous State of the Union speeches remain unfulfilled. From reforming immigration laws to meeting monthly with congressional leaders of both parties, the promises fell victim to congressional opposition or faded in face of other priorities as the unruly realities of governing set in.

Monday - 01/23/2012, 02:57pm EST

Obama to 'hang out' in live video chat room

President Barack Obama plans to "hang out" in a video chat room to answer questions about his State of the Union address, part of a White House effort to test new social networking tools and the latest evidence of the growing intersection of social media and politics.

Monday - 01/23/2012, 04:30am EST

Unfulfilled promises from previous Obama speeches

As President Barack Obama prepares to address the nation Tuesday night, promises from his previous two State of the Union addresses remain unfulfilled. Here's a look at some of them:

Monday - 01/23/2012, 03:51am EST

Obama calls retiring Giffords an 'inspiration'

President Barack Obama is praising Arizona Rep. Gabrielle Giffords as an "inspiration" and "the very best of what public service should be."

Sunday - 01/22/2012, 05:32pm EST
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