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Shuttered Va. college extends auction deadline

St. Paul's College extends deadline in hopes of finding a buyer for the Va. campus

Thursday - 05/08/2014, 07:42am EDT

Man denied admission receiving honorary degree

Once denied admission to University of Kentucky, 89-year-old receiving honorary degree

Thursday - 05/08/2014, 07:41am EDT

Bible curriculum part of Green evangelization push

Bible curriculum set for Oklahoma part of evangelization strategy by family behind Hobby Lobby

Thursday - 05/08/2014, 06:04am EDT

School board condemns essay on Holocaust's truth

California school district calls essay on whether Holocaust happened 'horribly inappropriate'

Thursday - 05/08/2014, 02:00am EDT

Amherst cracks down on fraternities, sororities

Amherst cracks down on Greek life by extending 30-year ban to eliminate underground groups

Wednesday - 05/07/2014, 09:50pm EDT

NY library shelves revamp, won't move 1.5M books

NY Public Library shelves plan to revamp main building, move 1.5 million books to New Jersey

Wednesday - 05/07/2014, 05:35pm EDT

Haitian students protest over canceled classes

High school students in Haiti take to streets to protest canceled classes, clash with police

Wednesday - 05/07/2014, 05:31pm EDT

Yale announces partnership with Geithner

Yale University announces partnership with former US Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner

Wednesday - 05/07/2014, 02:50pm EDT

Montana State lockdown ends after report of rifle

Campus lockdown ends after report of men carrying rifle at Montana State University

Wednesday - 05/07/2014, 02:20pm EDT

Families settle over school cheating scandal

4 families settle with district over Orange County high school cheating scandal

Wednesday - 05/07/2014, 01:58pm EDT

Universities rethink fight songs to ban lyrics

Universities around the US rethink traditional fight songs to ban lyrics deemed offensive

Wednesday - 05/07/2014, 01:30pm EDT

The skills tested for Nation's Report Card

The math and reading skills that are tested for 12th-graders for the Nation's Report Card

Wednesday - 05/07/2014, 12:50pm EDT

IBM partners with universities on Watson projects

Students at 7 top tech universities to try out Watson as part of IBM partnership

Wednesday - 05/07/2014, 12:38pm EDT

Anne Arundel Co. picks new school superintendent

Anne Arundel Co. school board names Arlotto new superintendent

Wednesday - 05/07/2014, 12:28pm EDT

Analysis: NC Dems say GOP nominee is too far right

Analysis: GOP mainstreamer is NC Senate nominee, but Democrats will say he's too far right

Wednesday - 05/07/2014, 10:48am EDT

Jindal to speak at Liberty commencement

Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal to speak at Liberty University commencement Saturday

Wednesday - 05/07/2014, 06:57am EDT

UVa president emeritus to chair museum board

University of Virginia president emeritus to chair campus art museum's advisory board

Wednesday - 05/07/2014, 06:53am EDT

U of Utah president backs review of fight song

University of Utah president agrees to consider changes in fight song some find sexist

Wednesday - 05/07/2014, 03:26am EDT

Man facing 3 charges after Ga. college shooting

20-year-old man faces 3 charges after shooting on campus of east Georgia college

Tuesday - 05/06/2014, 08:25pm EDT

Police: Pot might be factor in Montana killing

Police investigate whether pot played role in exchange student's shooting death in Montana

Tuesday - 05/06/2014, 08:10pm EDT
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