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Kenya Wildlife Service struggles to stop poaching

Kenya Wildlife Service says it needs help to tackle rhino, elephant poaching

Tuesday - 03/25/2014, 02:02pm EDT

Activists: Syrian rebels seize coastal area

Syrian rebels seize their first coastal area near the Turkish border, activists say

Tuesday - 03/25/2014, 01:38pm EDT

Fukushima nuke worker life gets recorded as manga

No comic-book joke, Japanese manga depicts everyday hardships at Fukushima nuclear plant

Tuesday - 03/25/2014, 01:30pm EDT

Syrian refugee set herself alight in Lebanon

Syrian woman sets herself on fire in Lebanon to protest hard living conditions for refugees

Tuesday - 03/25/2014, 01:27pm EDT

Sex abuse survivor to papal adviser: Marie Collins

Irish activist and sex abuse survivor becomes unlikely papal adviser, demands accountability

Tuesday - 03/25/2014, 12:48pm EDT

Etihad Airways gets approval for Air Serbia stake

The UAE's Etihad Airways says it has government approval for 49 percent Air Serbia stake

Tuesday - 03/25/2014, 11:40am EDT

Egypt court to rule swiftly in 2nd mass trial

Egypt court holds new mass trial of Islamists, decides to rule after only one session

Tuesday - 03/25/2014, 11:30am EDT

Ethiopian lawmakers to pass bill deemed anti-gay

Ethiopian lawmakers to pass bill that puts homosexuality on list of 'non-pardonable' crimes

Tuesday - 03/25/2014, 10:30am EDT

Ebola outbreak in Guinea may spread to Liberia

Ebola virus blamed for 59 deaths in W. African nation of Guinea, may have spread to Liberia

Tuesday - 03/25/2014, 09:28am EDT

Chileans worry over string of 300 quakes in north

People in far-north Chile on edge over unusual string of 300 tremors since strong quake

Tuesday - 03/25/2014, 08:22am EDT

Disney World among casualties of US-Venezuela spat

Disney World among casualties as US-Venezuela relations hit new low with visa limits

Tuesday - 03/25/2014, 08:10am EDT

Sudan says 151 rebels slain in Darfur fighting

Sudan says pro-government militia has killed 151 rebels in fighting in Darfur

Tuesday - 03/25/2014, 07:50am EDT

Ukraine to face its 'graft culture' under aid plan

Even with financial aid, Ukraine to struggle with intractable issues of corruption, red tape

Tuesday - 03/25/2014, 06:46am EDT

What we know, and still don't, on Malaysian plane

What we know, and still don't, on Malaysian plane crash as search enters 3rd week

Tuesday - 03/25/2014, 05:14am EDT

For families of Malaysian Airlines passengers, lack of news is agony

A consultant who has worked with families of Flight 370 passengers and crew says the wait for information is agonizing.

Tuesday - 03/25/2014, 04:38am EDT

Ukraine orders troop pullout from Crimea

Ukraine in troop pullout from Russia-annexed Crimea; Russia, Ukraine foreign ministers meet

Tuesday - 03/25/2014, 04:36am EDT

Egyptian court sentences nearly 530 to death

In swift mass trial, Egypt sentences to death nearly 530 accused in police station attack

Tuesday - 03/25/2014, 04:18am EDT

China demands answers from US over spying claims

China demands answers from US over Snowden allegations of NSA spying on Chinese targets

Tuesday - 03/25/2014, 03:40am EDT

WHITE HOUSE NOTEBOOK: Obama praises art backdrop

WHITE HOUSE NOTEBOOK: Obama praises Rembrandt's 'Night Watch' as 'most impressive backdrop'

Tuesday - 03/25/2014, 03:15am EDT

Weather stops plane hunt as China demands data

Weather suspends search for Malaysian jetliner as China demands satellite data

Tuesday - 03/25/2014, 02:37am EDT
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