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Ex-prison chief denies causing deaths in Romania

Former prison commander denies responsibility for deaths of 12 inmates in Romania

Wednesday - 11/05/2014, 10:30am EST

Israel backs Cyprus' offshore oil and gas search

Israel backs Cyprus' offshore mineral search, says Turkey must respect neighbors' sovereignty

Wednesday - 11/05/2014, 10:11am EST

Angola journalist criticizes African Union

Human rights campaigner says African Union should move headquarters out of Ethiopia

Wednesday - 11/05/2014, 09:50am EST

Son, brothers of S. Korean ferry owner convicted

Eldest son, 2 brothers of South Korean ferry owner convicted of corruption

Wednesday - 11/05/2014, 09:38am EST

Merkel sees more Ukraine rebels on sanctions list

Germany's Merkel indicates more eastern Ukraine rebels could be targeted by sanctions

Wednesday - 11/05/2014, 08:40am EST

Many African leaders seek to extend time in power

Burkina Faso leader not only African seeking to hold power by changing constitutional limits

Wednesday - 11/05/2014, 08:40am EST

A lifetime of perks in UAE help cushion wealth gap

A lifetime of generous perks help cushion a vast wealth gap in the United Arab Emirates

Wednesday - 11/05/2014, 08:40am EST

11 photos showing the Berlin Wall today

11 photos showing the Berlin Wall today

Wednesday - 11/05/2014, 06:47am EST

Kurds help Islamic militants in battle for Kobani

Kurdish fighters help Islamic State group militants in battle for key Syrian town of Kobani

Wednesday - 11/05/2014, 06:08am EST

Teenage rebellion anticipated fall of Berlin Wall

The teenage rebellion in East Germany that anticipated the fall of the Berlin Wall

Wednesday - 11/05/2014, 05:46am EST

Gunmen kill 5 in attack in eastern Saudi Arabia

Masked gunmen kill 5, wound 9 in eastern Saudi Arabia in apparent attack on Shiite minority

Wednesday - 11/05/2014, 05:38am EST

Report: IS group abused captive Kurdish children

Rights group accuses Islamic State militants of torturing captured Kurdish children in Syria

Wednesday - 11/05/2014, 04:38am EST

Ukrainian president sends more troops to the east

Ukraine's president sends more troops to war-torn east over concern of new rebel incursions

Wednesday - 11/05/2014, 04:20am EST

A lower key as Iran marks US embassy takeover

In smaller crowd, Iranians chant 'Down with America' to mark 1979 US Embassy takeover

Wednesday - 11/05/2014, 02:18am EST

Thousands break Ebola quarantine to find food

Aid agencies: Thousands in Sierra Leone are violating Ebola quarantine to find food

Wednesday - 11/05/2014, 02:06am EST

Twin German towns split by wall reunited again

Division of twin German towns tells the tale of a fractured nation now reunited

Wednesday - 11/05/2014, 12:50am EST

Image of Asia: Cloud phenomenon in Aussie skies

Image of Asia: Is it a UFO? A portal in the sky? No, just a 'fallstreak hole' cloud formation

Tuesday - 11/04/2014, 08:08pm EST

AP PHOTOS: 3 village defenders reburied in Peru

AP PHOTOS: A generation after they died defending village, 3 Peruvian highlanders reburied

Tuesday - 11/04/2014, 06:52pm EST

Pistorius prosecutors file appeal papers

Oscar Pistorius prosecutors appeal, say judge wrong on verdict and 'shockingly light' sentence

Tuesday - 11/04/2014, 04:30pm EST

African Union envoy meets Burkina Faso opposition

African Union envoy meets with Burkina Faso opposition to work for return to civilian rule

Tuesday - 11/04/2014, 04:28pm EST
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