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Vatican says it's willing, wants to help Venezuela

Vatican says it's willing, wants to help Venezuela mediation but needs to study aims, options

Saturday - 03/29/2014, 04:40am EDT

In new row, Israel at odds with US over visas

In new row between allies, Israel appeals to US to loosen its tourist visa restrictions

Saturday - 03/29/2014, 04:40am EDT

China plane searching for jet spots 3 objects

Chinese media: Chinese plane spots 3 suspicious objects in search area for Malaysian airliner

Saturday - 03/29/2014, 04:28am EDT

Taliban militants attack US aid group in Kabul

Taliban attack US charity's guest house as foreigners, including women and children, flee

Saturday - 03/29/2014, 04:06am EDT

Searchers checking latest objects for link to jet

Planes, ships comb new search zone to inspect latest objects before linking to missing jet

Saturday - 03/29/2014, 01:41am EDT

Syrian-Armenian town's fate murky after rebel grab

Armenians dismayed as Syrian rebels seize historic area, prompting residents to flee

Friday - 03/28/2014, 10:16pm EDT

Vatican bank's ousted president comes out swinging

Vatican bank's ousted president cleared, accuses board of causing 'grave damage' to Vatican

Friday - 03/28/2014, 06:47pm EDT

20 years: Rwanda genocide flame stirs memories

20 years later, Rwandan genocide flame, on tour of country, stirs memories of death

Friday - 03/28/2014, 06:46pm EDT

Canadian man gives up everything but beer for Lent

Instead of giving up one thing for Lent, Chris Schryer is giving up everything -- except beer.

Friday - 03/28/2014, 05:54pm EDT

Egypt: Protests after el-Sissi announces candidacy

Egypt: Ousted president supporters protest after general announces presidential bid; 4 killed

Friday - 03/28/2014, 04:59pm EDT

In Turkey's local elections, all eyes on Erdogan

As Turks vote in local elections, all eyes are on Prime Minister Erdogan's next moves

Friday - 03/28/2014, 04:51pm EDT

Land key as Crimea's Tatars discuss future plans

Crimea's Tatars to gather as Russian laws threaten hard-earned hold over land

Friday - 03/28/2014, 04:33pm EDT

Italy bishops say they don't have to report abuse

Italy's bishops, using Vatican advice, say no obligation to tell authorities about sex abuse

Friday - 03/28/2014, 02:40pm EDT

Gunmen kill soldier in northern Lebanon

Gunmen kill soldier in northern Lebanese city ensnared in Syria-related clashes

Friday - 03/28/2014, 02:07pm EDT

Pistorius trial delayed over legal aide illness

Illness of judge's aide forces suspension of Pistorius murder trial until April 7

Friday - 03/28/2014, 01:56pm EDT

Norway's Stoltenberg appointed as new NATO chief

Norway's former premier Jens Stoltenberg appointed new chief of military alliance NATO

Friday - 03/28/2014, 01:39pm EDT

Obama may allow air defense help for Syria rebels

AP source: Obama weighs allowing shipments of air defense systems to Syrian opposition

Friday - 03/28/2014, 01:34pm EDT

Syriac Orthodox patriarch buried near Damascus

Syriac Orthodox patriarch, leader of one of world's oldest Christian sects, buried in Syria

Friday - 03/28/2014, 01:20pm EDT

Czechs offer job to critic of Russian intervention

Czech university offers job to Russian academic fired for criticizing Crimea's annexation

Friday - 03/28/2014, 01:00pm EDT

Rights group says Syrian government hindering aid

Rights group: Syria hindering aid by preventing passage through rebel-held border crossings

Friday - 03/28/2014, 12:32pm EDT
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