Police release new photos from Kurt Cobain suicide

Police release new Kurt Cobain suicide scene photos; re-examination of death finds nothing new

Friday - 03/21/2014, 11:12am EDT

Group offers support for airplane crash victims' families

One woman who lost her fiance in a plane crash started a group to help others through the agony of waiting for word.

Friday - 03/21/2014, 05:12am EDT

Phelps tested free speech with anti-gay protests

With virulent anti-gay protests, Rev. Fred Phelps tested boundaries of free speech, decency

Friday - 03/21/2014, 03:00am EDT

Killer who set 2 co-workers afire executed in Fla.

Florida executes man who killed 2 women by beating them with hammer, setting them on fire

Friday - 03/21/2014, 02:24am EDT

Allegations of racehorse abuse being investigated

Probe by 2 states into allegations of racehorse abuse focuses on acclaimed trainer, assistant

Friday - 03/21/2014, 02:19am EDT

Police: Man who killed deputy suspect in 2nd case

Police: Gunman in California deputy slaying is suspect in slaying of retired Oregon educator

Friday - 03/21/2014, 02:18am EDT

Police: NJ teen bypasses guard, reaches WTC spire

Police: NJ teen eludes security guard, climbs ladder to reach World Trade Center spire

Thursday - 03/20/2014, 08:53pm EDT

Big asteroid will eclipse bright star early Thurs.

Big asteroid will eclipse bright star early Thurs., New York City treated to prime viewing

Thursday - 03/20/2014, 08:28pm EDT

Space station moves away from space junk

Space station moves away from space junk, climbs half-mile to avoid chunk of old satellite

Thursday - 03/20/2014, 08:28pm EDT

US questioning more than 100 from 'stash house'

US immigration officials questioning 5 arrested, more than 100 found at Houston 'stash house'

Thursday - 03/20/2014, 08:08pm EDT

Prosecutors explain weakness in Fiesta Bowl cases

Sentencing of ex-CEO of Fiesta Bowl marks end of cases arising from campaign finance scandal

Thursday - 03/20/2014, 07:06pm EDT

Mayor: NYC inmate's death in hot cell is troubling

Mayor calls death of mentally ill veteran in overheated New York City cell 'very troubling'

Thursday - 03/20/2014, 06:36pm EDT

Man accused of killing parents sentenced to life

Fla. man accused of killing parents, throwing party sentenced to life in prison without parole

Thursday - 03/20/2014, 05:48pm EDT

Former Ohio cop freed again in ex-wife's killing

Former Ohio cop imprisoned in ex-wife's slaying leaves jail after a few hours; case continues

Thursday - 03/20/2014, 05:35pm EDT

APNewsBreak: NYC inmate 'baked to death' in cell

APNewsBreak: NYC inmate 'basically baked to death' in overheated jail cell at Rikers Island

Thursday - 03/20/2014, 04:29pm EDT

Army fugitive back in Kansas prison after 37 years

Army fugitive found in Florida after 37 years on the lam returns to Kansas military prison

Thursday - 03/20/2014, 04:20pm EDT

Judge tosses class-action push for Google suit

Judge tosses push for class-action status for lawsuit accusing Google of violating privacy

Thursday - 03/20/2014, 03:40pm EDT

It's a drag: NYC mayors mock selves in annual show

Just for laughs: It's de Blasio's turn in comedy spotlight at NYC's annual Inner Circle show

Thursday - 03/20/2014, 03:08pm EDT

Christie: Aide fired for lies, role in traffic jam

Christie says aide who ordered traffic backups would have been fired even if she'd told truth

Thursday - 03/20/2014, 03:08pm EDT

Al-Qaida spokesman recounts 9/11 aftermath

Al-Qaida spokesman says bin Laden worried about US response to 9/11 terrorist attacks

Thursday - 03/20/2014, 02:20pm EDT
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