Philippine court says online snooping illegal

Philippine Supreme Court says online snooping illegal but libel on the Internet punishable

Wednesday - 02/19/2014, 06:00pm EST

7 steps to consider as you prepare your tax return

Uncle Sam calling: 7 things to consider as you prepare your federal income tax return

Wednesday - 02/19/2014, 05:50pm EST

Hacking trial: Blair offered to advise Murdoch

Britain's phone-hacking trial: Tony Blair offered to advise Rupert Murdoch amid scandal

Wednesday - 02/19/2014, 03:28pm EST

Review: Mobile app shows where to find friends

Review: App for tracking people's location could be friendship magnet or stalker's best friend

Wednesday - 02/19/2014, 03:20pm EST

Satellite reaches California for next Sea Launch

Eutelsat satellite arrives in California for next Sea Launch mission

Wednesday - 02/19/2014, 02:31pm EST

Entrepreneur gifts Bitcoins to Washington college

Bitcoin entrepreneur makes virtual gift to University of Puget Sound, which he calls a first

Wednesday - 02/19/2014, 02:10pm EST

China investigating Qualcomm, InterDigital

China investigating Qualcomm, InterDigital under anti-monopoly law

Wednesday - 02/19/2014, 01:40pm EST

Computer whizzes brainstorm for cash at hackathons

Hackathons rapidly expand, as nerds, geeks and other computer whizzes brainstorm for cash

Wednesday - 02/19/2014, 01:16pm EST

US Navy ready to deploy laser for 1st time

US Navy ready to deploy laser system this summer; rail guns aren't far behind

Wednesday - 02/19/2014, 12:34pm EST

Ethiopian refugee wants UK action over hacking

Ethiopian refugee wants UK investigation over apparent hacking of his computer in Britain

Wednesday - 02/19/2014, 10:02am EST

Academy honors scientists behind special effects

Kristen Bell, Michael B. Jordan host Oscar ceremony for the scientists behind special effects

Wednesday - 02/19/2014, 09:30am EST

What can unite liberals and tea partyers? The NSA

When do American liberals and tea partyers think alike? When they're angry at the NSA

Wednesday - 02/19/2014, 08:32am EST

155 European cities join Bloomberg ideas contest

155 European cities enter lucrative innovation contest created by former NYC Mayor Bloomberg

Wednesday - 02/19/2014, 07:10am EST

Nasdaq opens support office in Philippines

Nasdaq opens Manila support office for global corporate solutions unit

Wednesday - 02/19/2014, 05:30am EST

Your car's GPS could be invading your privacy

People concerned about their smartphone intruding on their privacy may have something else about which to worry: the car.

Wednesday - 02/19/2014, 05:17am EST

Website finds hotels where smokers can light up

With many hotel chains banning smoking, customers who choose to indulge often find it challenging to book a hotel room where they can light up. A new website,, only books smoking rooms.

Wednesday - 02/19/2014, 04:21am EST

'Candy' Crush Saga' maker King Digital plans IPO

King Digital, maker of 'Candy Crush Saga,' plans to raise up to $500M from an IPO

Tuesday - 02/18/2014, 09:52pm EST

Sands: Hacking went further than email, websites

Casino giant Las Vegas Sands Corp. says hacking went deeper than previously known

Tuesday - 02/18/2014, 06:55pm EST

Kerry presses China to ease Internet controls

Kerry presses China on Internet, promises to investigate if US companies help curb access

Tuesday - 02/18/2014, 05:48pm EST
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