Gunman's doctor before rampage: 'No problem there'

AP Exclusive: Doctors described gunman before shootings as 'clear and focused;' denied stress

Sunday - 02/02/2014, 12:20pm EST

Potomac Phil predicts D.C.'s weather future

On the same day that Punxsutawney Phil made his prediction, his brother Potomac Phil emerged from his slumber as well.

Sunday - 02/02/2014, 09:03am EST

D.C. execs look to bring the 2024 Olympics home

The opening ceremonies of the Winter Olympics are just 6 days away, but some people around here are thinking ahead to 2024.

Sunday - 02/02/2014, 07:46am EST

Seeger's followers turn out for singalong in Columbia Heights

Legendary folk singer, Pete Seeger, who died last week at age 94 was honored in D.C. Saturday afternoon.

Saturday - 02/01/2014, 06:39pm EST

132 new D.C. speed cams start ticketing today

The ticketing grace period is over. The new D.C. traffic cams are up and running and finding speeders in major areas. Find out where.

Saturday - 02/01/2014, 01:30pm EST

Gray raises $627,000 in less than 2 months

DC mayor raises $627,000 for re-election bid, closing gap with challengers

Saturday - 02/01/2014, 12:09pm EST

$44M awarded to repair Navy Yard where 12 killed

Navy awards $44M contract for repairs to Navy Yard building where gunman killed 12

Friday - 01/31/2014, 10:34pm EST

Fire lieutenant files for retirement after probe

DC fire lieutenant files for retirement following man's collapse outside station she commanded

Friday - 01/31/2014, 07:00pm EST

Spring break-like weather on hand before winter returns

Warmer temperatures are on the docket for this weekend, just in time to get that filthy car washed and to get your stir-crazy kids out of the house and play.

Friday - 01/31/2014, 06:21pm EST

Mo Rocca to lead arts panel at Kennedy Center

Mo Rocca to help lead training symposium at Kennedy Center for arts leaders

Friday - 01/31/2014, 05:29pm EST

D.C. police officer charged with theft

D.C. Police say an officer who worked in the evidence control branch has been charged with theft, though it isn't immediately clear what he allegedly swiped.

Friday - 01/31/2014, 03:55pm EST

DC ends year with 3rd straight budget surplus

District of Columbia officials say the city ended last fiscal year with a $321 million surplus, continuing a run of fiscal health since the end of the recession that has outpaced most states and municipalities.

Friday - 01/31/2014, 03:48pm EST

What's next for 918 F St. NW?

Friday - 01/31/2014, 03:12pm EST

Before the Internet, how The Beatles went viral in 1964

Long before the phrase "go viral" was coined, The Beatles quickly went from being virtual unknowns in America to sensations. A Beatles historian and record executive explains how it was done.

Friday - 01/31/2014, 02:11pm EST

'What does it mean to be a black male?' (Video)

"What does it mean to you to be a black male?" That kind of question can illicit a number of responses depending on the person answering: pride, confusion, apathy or even empathy.

Friday - 01/31/2014, 11:13am EST

Parking time limit? Moving car won't save you in D.C.

Two-hour parking limit? Moving you're car won't make you legally parked.

Friday - 01/31/2014, 09:03am EST

Equinox expands vegan offerings to tasting menu

Vegan food offerings are expanding in the city, and one fine dining establishment is giving vegans a fancier food option.

Friday - 01/31/2014, 07:46am EST

Metro rebuilding efforts continue this weekend, expect delays

Metro rebuilding efforts will continue through the weekend with work performed on all lines except the Green Line.

Friday - 01/31/2014, 07:41am EST

DC woman reports getting marijuana in mail

DC police investigate after woman gets marijuana in package meant for someone else

Friday - 01/31/2014, 07:40am EST

Potomac Phil readying for Groundhog Day

Potomac Phil, brother of Punxsutawney Phil, readying for Groundhog Day

Friday - 01/31/2014, 07:16am EST
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