Winning numbers drawn in 'Pick 4 Night' game

Winning numbers drawn in 'Pick 4 Night' game

Friday - 08/08/2014, 11:48pm EDT

Tests come back from kittens whose mother had rabies

An outdoor cat whose kittens were recently adopted has tested positive for rabies.

Friday - 08/08/2014, 06:10pm EDT

Cocaine caramels seized at Dulles Airport

U.S. Customs and Border Protection officers at Washington Dulles International Airport seized more than $80,000-worth of cocaine that was concealed inside caramel sweets Wednesday.

Friday - 08/08/2014, 03:41pm EDT

Developer to break ground on $10M industrial building in Ashburn

Speculative commercial real estate development has lost some of its favor these days, with all but a few projects moving forward, only in the right locations.

Friday - 08/08/2014, 02:28pm EDT

Loudoun Valley football parents push for use of helmet sensors

Sports-related concussions is a growing concern for parents and athletes. Parents at one Loudoun County want their football players to wear a product that could help protect their boys from the effects of repeated hard hits. But school officials aren't biting.

Friday - 08/08/2014, 02:04pm EDT

Central NY airport new site for drone safety tests

Drone safety research at central NY airport gets federal approval; will include Massachusetts

Friday - 08/08/2014, 01:20pm EDT

Week 2 of former Va. governor trial wrapping up

Week two of the public corruption trial of former Virginia Gov. Bob McDonnell and his wife, Maureen, is wrapping up in federal court in Richmond.

Friday - 08/08/2014, 11:22am EDT

How to legally feed your lawn and still protect the bay

As fall lawn-feeding time approaches, Garden Editor Mike McGrath warns homeowners to take steps to protect their lawn and the health of the Chesapeake Bay to avoid repeating the mistakes that led to Toledo's water crisis.

Friday - 08/08/2014, 10:04am EDT

Red Cross: urgent need for blood donors

Red Cross issues urgent appeal for donors in Virginia amid usual summer slump

Friday - 08/08/2014, 09:12am EDT

NC woman claims $1 million Powerball prize

NC woman dresses with a message to pick up Va. lottery winnings

Friday - 08/08/2014, 09:12am EDT

Uber begins operating in Richmond

Uber begins operating in Richmond following state agreement

Friday - 08/08/2014, 08:51am EDT

Police seize neglected animals from Roanoke home

Police seize more than a dozen neglected animals from Roanoke home

Friday - 08/08/2014, 08:49am EDT

Sailor fined for landing private plane on base

Navy Reserve officer fined for landing private plane at Naval Station Norfolk

Friday - 08/08/2014, 08:48am EDT

West Nile virus found in Va. Beach mosquitoes

West Nile virus found during testing in Va. Beach mosquitoes

Friday - 08/08/2014, 06:50am EDT

Va. app puts thousands of jobs at fingertips

Virginia mobile job app puts thousands of jobs at fingertips of job-seekers

Friday - 08/08/2014, 05:17am EDT

Childhood hunger moving to the suburbs

Childhood hunger in the U.S. may be generally seen as a city problem, but a hunger activist says that's not the case.

Friday - 08/08/2014, 04:40am EDT

Va. man sentenced for slaying of VSU student

Virginia man sentenced for slaying of VSU student at off-campus student housing complex

Thursday - 08/07/2014, 11:01pm EDT

Suspect in Roanoke motel shooting dies

Suspect in Roanoke motel shooting dies at hospital after being found unresponsive in cell

Thursday - 08/07/2014, 11:00pm EDT

Va. health director skeptical of Jonnie Williams

Va. health director testifies at McDonnell trial about his skepticism of Jonnie Williams

Thursday - 08/07/2014, 07:07pm EDT
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