Roadside sign ban in Fairfax County leads to clean-up

Signs for SAT prep, closeout sales and massages clutter the intersection of Fair Lakes Parkway and West Ox Road. They can be an eyesore and a safety hazard. Soon, they will be gone from the roadways in Fairfax County.

Tuesday - 07/09/2013, 04:08pm EDT

Fairfax Co. looks ahead to your commute in 2050

Perhaps the future won't look like "The Jetsons" with flying cars anytime soon, but a local county is looking ahead to the year 2050 to ease traffic congestion on the roads.

Tuesday - 07/09/2013, 10:18am EDT

Northern Va. residents brace for furloughs

A day without pay is apparently the biggest worry for thousands of people in northern Virginia.

Monday - 07/08/2013, 07:28am EDT

Fairfax County police seek missing woman

The Fairfax County police are looking for a 38-year-old woman who went missing on Saturday.

Saturday - 07/06/2013, 07:39pm EDT

Man arrested in Tysons Corner jewelry store robbery

Mich. man arrested in Tysons Corner smash-and-grab robbery; 4 other sought

Thursday - 07/04/2013, 01:31am EDT

Taxi robbers tied to six stickups

Police in Virginia are looking for two men believed to be responsible for a series of taxi driver robberies.

Wednesday - 07/03/2013, 01:58pm EDT

Jogger fights off attacker in Fairfax County

Fairfax County police say a woman was jogging in the Hayfield area when a man grabbed her from behind.

Monday - 07/01/2013, 04:53pm EDT

Overturned sewage truck closes Georgetown Pike

An overturned truck carrying oil and human waste has closed Georgetown Pike in McLean, Va., just outside the Capital Beltway.

Monday - 07/01/2013, 12:32pm EDT

Mt. Vernon won't wait for dark for Fourth fireworks

Fireworks on the Fourth - that's pretty patriotic. But how about catching early fireworks at the home of one of the Founding Fathers?

Sunday - 06/30/2013, 07:01am EDT

Huntington residents warned to move cars to higher ground

Residents in the Huntington area of Fairfax County are being warned to move their cars from low-lying areas.

Saturday - 06/29/2013, 02:10am EDT

Derecho: What changes has Verizon made a year later (Video)

A year after the derecho cut 911 service in Fairfax County, Verizon has conducted extensive audits and made a number of changes.

Friday - 06/28/2013, 05:00am EDT

Fairfax police arrest man impersonating FBI agent

A massage parlor customer who police say impersonated an FBI agent has been arrested.

Thursday - 06/27/2013, 02:30pm EDT

Police: Men steal about 400 Koi fish from Herndon pond

Hundreds of Koi fish are missing from a Herndon business park's pond after police say two men reportedly posed as maintenance workers and took the fish.

Thursday - 06/27/2013, 12:18pm EDT

1 dead, 2 hurt after domestic incident in Chantilly

Fairfax County police report that one man has died following a stabbing in Chantilly. They are calling it a domestic incident.

Thursday - 06/27/2013, 10:51am EDT

Transurban moves U.S. headquarters to Fairfax County

Transurban Ltd., the builder and long-term operator of the Interstate 495 and Interstate 95 express lanes, has moved its U.S. headquarters from New York to Fairfax County. The company operates two toll roads in the U.S., both in Virginia.

Wednesday - 06/26/2013, 03:48pm EDT

Fifth lane to ease congestion on Capital Beltway

Gov. Bob McDonnell announced Tuesday a plan to ease congestion along Interstate 495 in Fairfax County.

Tuesday - 06/25/2013, 08:59pm EDT

Taxi-driving robbers stick up cabbies

Two cab drivers have been robbed by men in other taxis in the past week and Fairfax County police are investigating whether the incidents are related.

Tuesday - 06/25/2013, 03:51pm EDT

Black bear spotted in Fairfax County

Don't be surprised if you see a bear in your bird feeder.

Tuesday - 06/25/2013, 12:49pm EDT

Pets can suffer heat stroke, die in closed, hot cars

Pet owners can be hit with a fine or even face criminal charges if they neglect their animals during a heat wave.

Monday - 06/24/2013, 01:14pm EDT

Ohio air crash shows risks, thrill of wing walking

Ohio air crash that killed pilot, stuntwoman showcases risks, thrills of wing walking

Monday - 06/24/2013, 08:46am EDT
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