Huckabee's comments on birth control gift for Dems

Democrats hit Huckabee on contraception comments as GOP tries to better image among women

Saturday - 01/25/2014, 10:30am EST

Michigan GOP official rejects calls to resign

Michigan GOP official says he's made errors but won't quit after anti-gay, anti-Muslim remarks

Friday - 01/24/2014, 09:00pm EST

Consultant: Clay Aiken considering NC Congress run

Democratic Party consultant: Pop singer Clay Aiken considering a run for Congress from NC

Friday - 01/24/2014, 06:00pm EST

Prosecutor: Conservative scholar lied to candidate

Prosecutor: US Senate candidate in NY said '2016: Obama's America' filmmaker lied to her

Friday - 01/24/2014, 05:14pm EST

GOP opts for firehouse primary in Wolf's district

GOP opts for firehouse primary in Wolf's district; election to be held April 26

Friday - 01/24/2014, 05:05pm EST

Brown seeks debate schedule for governor's race

Brown seeks debate schedule with opponents for Democratic nomination in governor's race

Friday - 01/24/2014, 05:05pm EST

GOP leaders shorten presidential nominating season

Republican leaders shorten presidential nominating season to curb candidate 'slice and dice'

Friday - 01/24/2014, 04:20pm EST

Algerian opposition party to boycott elections

Algerian opposition party announces boycott of presidential elections citing chances of fraud

Friday - 01/24/2014, 02:10pm EST

Thai voices for compromise struggle to be heard

Voices for compromise to resolve Thailand's precarious political crisis struggle to be heard

Friday - 01/24/2014, 09:30am EST

Feds subpoena NJ Gov. Christie's campaign, GOP

Federal prosecutors subpoena NJ Gov. Christie campaign, GOP in political payback investigation

Friday - 01/24/2014, 02:20am EST

Nepal court says no need to elect new president

Nepal's top court rules no immediate need to elect new president, ending political dispute

Friday - 01/24/2014, 02:10am EST

Huckabee: Democrats pitch women on birth control

Huckabee: Democrats seek female votes with pitch about their need for government birth control

Friday - 01/24/2014, 01:10am EST

'Obama' filmmaker charged in NY in campaign fraud

'Obama's America' filmmaker indicted in NY on charges he violated campaign finance laws

Thursday - 01/23/2014, 09:30pm EST

On charm offensive, Iran leader sets lofty goals

Iranian president Rouhani gets spotlight at Davos forum of world elite, sets lofty targets

Thursday - 01/23/2014, 06:20pm EST

Priorities super PAC lines up for Clinton run

Clinton picks up backing of Obama super PAC, campaign veteran for potential White House run

Thursday - 01/23/2014, 05:40pm EST

Gansler proposes Saturday voting

Gansler proposes Saturday voting, files for governor's race

Thursday - 01/23/2014, 05:35pm EST

Schumer urges 'robust defense' of government

Democrat Schumer calls for a 'robust defense' of government, dismisses tea party criticism

Thursday - 01/23/2014, 05:12pm EST

Latino groups to launch massive voter registration

Latino organizations launch massive early voter registration efforts ahead of 2014 election

Thursday - 01/23/2014, 04:40pm EST

Christie's team hires more lawyers in bridge probe

Christie's campaign hires lawyers in bridge investigation; 2nd legal team enlisted by gov

Thursday - 01/23/2014, 12:50pm EST

Hard to see end to Thailand's cycle of instability

4 years after bloody Bangkok strife, hard to see end to Thailand's cycle of instability

Thursday - 01/23/2014, 09:20am EST
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