Obama says 'Rohingya,' displeasing Myanmar hosts

Group urges Obama to utter word 'Rohingya' on Myanmar visit _ and he does, once before leaving

Friday - 11/14/2014, 09:10am EST

Shiite holy month sees show of strength in Baghdad

Shiite domination of Iraqi capital on display during holy month, fueling tensions

Friday - 11/14/2014, 08:54am EST

Court gives immigrants in Arizona chance for bail

US Supreme Court ruling opens possibility for immigrants denied bail in Arizona to be released

Friday - 11/14/2014, 08:50am EST

Japan GDP data make-or-break for snap election

Japan's GDP data, due Monday, make-or-break for Abe decision on tax hike, snap election

Friday - 11/14/2014, 08:40am EST

Cardin, Delaney to discuss defense procurement

Sen. Cardin and Rep. Delaney to discuss defense procurement contracting prospects

Friday - 11/14/2014, 08:24am EST

Reptiles, whips banned as Brisbane preps for G-20

No whips or eggs allowed, but please enjoy the "Obamarama Tiki Party:" Brisbane preps for G-20

Friday - 11/14/2014, 08:04am EST

Hong Kong activists plan trip to Beijing Saturday

Hong Kong student protest leaders plan Saturday trip to Beijing to try to meet Chinese leaders

Friday - 11/14/2014, 07:54am EST

Report: Planes used to gather cellphone data

Report: Justice Department uses small planes and high-tech gear to gather cellphone data

Friday - 11/14/2014, 07:50am EST

Baghdad anti-IS war room model for Iraq-US command

Baghdad war room in battle against IS group is model for future joint Iraqi-US command center

Friday - 11/14/2014, 07:30am EST

G-20 leaders to tackle corruption at summit

G-20 urged to tackle corruption that activists say costs poor countries $1 trillion a year

Friday - 11/14/2014, 07:00am EST

Wu re-elected as president of AIBA for 3rd term

C.K. Wu re-elected as head of International Boxing Association for 3rd term

Friday - 11/14/2014, 06:20am EST

Car bombs target Egyptian, UAE embassies in Libya

Car bombs in Libya's capital target Egyptian, UAE embassies; no casualties

Friday - 11/14/2014, 06:20am EST

Scientists: US-China pact won't slow warming much

Math shows historic US-China carbon pact not enough to prevent dangerous warming, experts say

Friday - 11/14/2014, 06:04am EST

Putin, Hollande to meet amid Ukraine tension

Putin to meet French president amid mounting tension over Ukraine, stalled warship deal

Friday - 11/14/2014, 05:30am EST

GAO: Oversight needed of Native American schools

Government watchdog finds financial mismanagement of schools for Native American children

Friday - 11/14/2014, 05:20am EST

AP PHOTOS: Brisbane adjusts to G-20 quiet

AP PHOTOS: Major economies don't say it with flowers: Brisbane adjusts to quiet of G-20

Friday - 11/14/2014, 05:18am EST

SUPREME COURT NOTEBOOK: Thomas hints at split

SUPREME COURT NOTEBOOK: Justice Thomas hints at high court split over gay marriage appeals

Friday - 11/14/2014, 05:06am EST

Gay couples marry in Kansas despite legal fight

Gay couples marry in Kansas despite challenge from attorney general before state Supreme Court

Friday - 11/14/2014, 05:06am EST

North Korea to send special envoy to Russia

North Korea leader to send special envoy to Russia to boost ties, reduce diplomatic isolation

Friday - 11/14/2014, 04:32am EST
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