Why Hibbett Sports' Shares Dropped

Is this meaningful or just another movement?

Friday - 08/23/2013, 10:10am EDT

Why Mentor Graphics' Shares Popped

Is this meaningful or just another movement?

Friday - 08/23/2013, 09:52am EDT

What's Hiding in Big Oil's Balance Sheet?

Valuation metrics and ratios might not tell the whole story.

Friday - 08/23/2013, 09:50am EDT

SEC Aside, Stein Mart Looks Ready to Fly

The department store chain is showing great numbers in its stores, and is just now launching its eCommerce platform. After the SEC investigation into its past results is settled, the stock should move up.

Friday - 08/23/2013, 09:50am EDT

Why Expedia Shares Were Cleared for Takeoff

A partnership with the unlikeliest of companies sends Expedia shares higher by 10%.

Friday - 08/23/2013, 09:36am EDT

Ballmer's Retirement Keeps Dow Moving Higher

Microsoft was the Dow's biggest winner after CEO Steve Ballmer announced his pending retirement.

Friday - 08/23/2013, 09:30am EDT

Halliburton to Buy Back 68 Million Shares for $3.3 Billion

Oil-field services company says 100 million shares were tendered in its modified Dutch auction.

Friday - 08/23/2013, 09:18am EDT

What Is Causing Oil Services to Flock Overseas?

Oil services seem to be finding brighter prospects outside the U.S.

Friday - 08/23/2013, 09:10am EDT

Will Low-Hanging Fruit Save Abercrombie?

The troubled retailer took a major hit in its domestic shops, but international is working. With a reshuffling of stores here and abroad, the numbers could improve.

Friday - 08/23/2013, 09:02am EDT

Unexpected News From a Tech Giant Adds to the Dow's Choppy Trading

The Dow ended its six-day losing streak and followed it up with a pretty quiet day -- aside from some unexpected news from Microsoft.

Friday - 08/23/2013, 09:00am EDT

Microsoft's Shocking Jump Leads the Dow's Rise

Huge news comes from the top at Microsoft as shares jump 7%

Friday - 08/23/2013, 08:38am EDT

Congress Asked to Approve $1.2 Billion Saudi Arms Sale

No single prime contractor is named, but U.S. companies might stand to benefit.

Friday - 08/23/2013, 08:19am EDT

New Home Sales Plummet 13.4% for July

The median sales price of new houses sold in July 2013 was $257,200; the average sales price was $322,700.

Friday - 08/23/2013, 08:11am EDT

Lockheed Will Support Nascent Iraqi Air Force

Two other contracts won Friday as well.

Friday - 08/23/2013, 08:06am EDT

Microsoft Finally Makes the Right Choice: CEO Ballmer Is Done

Microsoft should have replaced struggling CEO Steve Ballmer years ago. Better late than never.

Friday - 08/23/2013, 07:58am EDT

Why Slow Growth May Be In Store For This Restaurant Chain

Texas Roadhouse is priced like a growth stock, but buy paying out half of its earnings in dividends its sending a signal that its running out of opportunities to grow the business.

Friday - 08/23/2013, 07:57am EDT

Why Darling International Shares Jumped

Is this meaningful? Or just another movement?

Friday - 08/23/2013, 07:56am EDT

Why Vector Group Is Poised to Underperform

Market-lagging returns could be written in these stars.

Friday - 08/23/2013, 07:54am EDT

Baidu Buying Stake in Renren's Group-Buying Site

Baidu will take a 59% position in Renren's Nuomi.

Friday - 08/23/2013, 07:52am EDT

2 Overlooked and Under-Covered mREITs

Reviewing the top financial stocks.

Friday - 08/23/2013, 07:47am EDT
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