Judge orders expanded Ohio early voting schedule

Judge blocks Ohio law trimming early voting; state elections chief urges ruling be appealed

Thursday - 09/04/2014, 05:40pm EDT

AFL-CIO goes after Koch brothers in ad campaign

AFL-CIO begins ad campaign against conservative billionaire Koch brothers

Thursday - 09/04/2014, 05:40pm EDT

Toronto Board of Trade crowd laughs at Rob Ford

Toronto mayor calls board of trade crowd elitist after they laugh at him in election debate

Thursday - 09/04/2014, 04:58pm EDT

The 14 counts against ex-Virginia governor, wife

Count-by-count details of corruption case against ex-Virginia governor Bob McDonnell and wife

Thursday - 09/04/2014, 04:40pm EDT

Huntsman: 2016 presidential bid a 'strong no'

Former Utah governor Huntsman says he's a 'strong no' to 2016 run for president

Thursday - 09/04/2014, 03:30pm EDT

Senate candidates in NC clash in opening debate

North Carolina Sen. Hagan and Speaker Tillis use each other's words to score in opening debate

Thursday - 09/04/2014, 09:12am EDT

Democrat ends campaign in US Senate race in Kansas

Democratic challenger Taylor ends campaign in race against GOP US Sen. Roberts in Kansas

Thursday - 09/04/2014, 01:10am EDT

Democratic leader compares Walker policies to slap

Democratic National Committee head: Wisconsin governor has 'given women the back of his hand'

Wednesday - 09/03/2014, 11:50pm EDT

Former New Orleans mayor to have public defender

Judge OKs public defender to handle former New Orleans mayor's appeal of bribery conviction

Wednesday - 09/03/2014, 11:40pm EDT

New York congressman's ex-girlfriend pleads guilty

New York congressman's ex-girlfriend pleads guilty to campaign finance charges

Wednesday - 09/03/2014, 08:28pm EDT

Christie and Clinton making visits to Mexico

Potential 2016 rivals Christie and Clinton visiting Mexico this week

Wednesday - 09/03/2014, 07:00pm EDT

Christie tests overseas diplomacy with Mexico trip

With business trek to Mexico, Christie tests his diplomatic skills ahead of potential 2016 run

Wednesday - 09/03/2014, 06:12pm EDT

Gillespie, McCain campaign in Norfolk

Senate hopeful Ed Gillespie campaigns with Sen. John McCain at VFW post in Norfolk

Wednesday - 09/03/2014, 05:20pm EDT

Testimony: Rowland wanted payment outside campaign

Candidate testifies he rejected ex-governor's plan to be paid outside of political campaign

Wednesday - 09/03/2014, 03:52pm EDT

Cory Gardner says he's 'a new kind of Republican'

Colorado Senate candidate Cory Gardner markets himself as 'a new kind of Republican'

Wednesday - 09/03/2014, 02:52pm EDT

Christie to Mexico on trade mission, 2016 politics

Christie heads to Mexico for a trade mission _ and for foreign policy experience ahead of 2016

Wednesday - 09/03/2014, 03:10am EDT

Ex-governor's trial may hinge on cryptic email

Former Connecticut governor's federal conspiracy trial may hinge on cryptic email

Wednesday - 09/03/2014, 02:40am EDT

Buyer's remorse on Common Core for policymakers?

Common Core bickering heats up as standards take effect; buyer's remorse hits policymakers?

Wednesday - 09/03/2014, 01:28am EDT

Alaska Senate hopefuls pull ads mentioning deaths

US Senate candidates in Alaska pull TV ads referencing 2013 killings after family complains

Tuesday - 09/02/2014, 10:54pm EDT

Candidates in Alaska governor's race join forces

2 Alaska gubernatorial campaigns announce merger to run against incumbent

Tuesday - 09/02/2014, 09:46pm EDT
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