The Washington Post endorses Bowser for DC mayor

Democrat Muriel Bowser gets The Washington Post endorsement for DC mayor

Friday - 10/17/2014, 03:30pm EDT

Oops! Voters surprised by upside-down D.C. flag

It was a big "Oops!" D.C. residents were surprised when they opened up their official voter guides mailed this week and discovered the District's flag upside down on the cover.

Friday - 10/17/2014, 01:50pm EDT

Pot playing little role in tight Colorado contests

2 years after Colorado legalized pot, political candidates seldom mention it on campaign trail

Friday - 10/17/2014, 01:13pm EDT

Trial set for woman in election domestic dispute

Trial set for Mesa woman accused of running over husband for not voting in presidential race

Friday - 10/17/2014, 11:40am EDT

Jerry Springer hits the road for Ohio candidate

Jerry Springer hits the road for political candidate in Ohio, says politics is his passion

Friday - 10/17/2014, 09:06am EDT

GOP's Gillespie ditches ads in Senate race in Va.

In Virginia, GOP Senate candidate Ed Gillespie cancels TV ad time as money gets tight

Friday - 10/17/2014, 08:00am EDT

Indonesia's president elect meets rival

Indonesia's president elected meets with defeated candidate, easing political tensions

Friday - 10/17/2014, 07:10am EDT

Portable fan blows up Florida governor's race

Spin-control on high: "Fangate" blows up Florida governor's race after live TV debate debacle

Friday - 10/17/2014, 04:08am EDT

Iowa's Braley, Ernst duel over abortion in debate

Iowa's Braley, Ernst again take up abortion rights in final debate before election

Friday - 10/17/2014, 03:56am EDT

Some in Congress expand their job title on ballot

Some California members of Congress highlight their other jobs for voters wary of Washington

Thursday - 10/16/2014, 10:20pm EDT

Gillespie temporarily ditches ads in Va. Sen race

Gillespie temporarily ditches ads in Va. Senate race, will run new ads Saturday

Thursday - 10/16/2014, 08:50pm EDT

Sen. Cruz criticizes Houston over sermon subpoenas

US Sen. Cruz joins opposition to sermon subpoenas by pastors who opposed gay rights ordinance

Thursday - 10/16/2014, 08:14pm EDT

Turkey fails in bid to join UN Security Council

Turkey fails to join UN Security Council; Venezuela, New Zealand, Spain, Malaysia, Angola in

Thursday - 10/16/2014, 07:00pm EDT

Florida congressman's messy divorce gets messier

Florida Rep. Grayson's messy divorce gets messier; estranged wife complains on house condition

Thursday - 10/16/2014, 06:20pm EDT

US Sen. Paul: Ebola "incredibly" contagious

US Sen. Rand Paul says Ebola "incredibly contagious," spreads more easily than AIDS

Thursday - 10/16/2014, 05:50pm EDT

Early Mass. Senate district dubbed 1st gerrymander

Mass. Gov. Gerry created salamander-like Senate district in 1812; a 'gerrymander' was born

Thursday - 10/16/2014, 05:40pm EDT

Results from independent redistricting are mixed

Independent redistricting panels have had mixed results, varying goals

Thursday - 10/16/2014, 05:35pm EDT

McCain appears with Tillis in eastern NC

US Sen. McCain visits North Carolina visit to help Tillis, criticizes Hagan on missed meetings

Thursday - 10/16/2014, 05:30pm EDT

Party of the rich: In Congress, it's the Democrats

GOP labeled party of the rich, but it's Democrats who represent wealthiest districts

Thursday - 10/16/2014, 05:01pm EDT

Kansas Senate candidate got started in lights

Minnesota lighting firm launched business career that led Greg Orman to Kansas Senate race

Thursday - 10/16/2014, 05:00pm EDT
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