Cooler summer weather and what it means for the winter

As August begins, it may seem that this summer has been on the cool side. Many question whether the Washington area should expect these mild temperatures to last.

Friday - 08/01/2014, 09:03am EDT

Records indicate bored feds surf porn sites, shop

Federal workers may not have enough to do and are bored, and that's led some to watch porn while on the job.

Friday - 08/01/2014, 08:06am EDT

DC officials breaking ground on playground upgrade

DC officials breaking ground on playground upgrade at park in Trinidad neighborhood

Friday - 08/01/2014, 06:49am EDT

14th St.'s nine lives

From auto row, to civil unrest, to red-light district, to a burgeoning commercial corridor filled with restaurants and retail, 14th Street NW is now one of the hottest areas of the city.

Friday - 08/01/2014, 06:00am EDT

Transgender girl stabbed on Metro train

A man has been charged with stabbing a young transgender woman on a Metro train in Wednesday afternoon.

Thursday - 07/31/2014, 09:16pm EDT

Marion Barry's son jailed after latest arrest

Son of former DC mayor Marion Barry jailed after latest arrest for driving on revoked license

Thursday - 07/31/2014, 06:20pm EDT

Smithsonian icons duke it out in Smithsonian Summer Showdown

Will Giant Panda Cub Bao Bao be roughed up by the nation's T. rex? Will Wonder Woman lasso Wile E. Coyote?

Thursday - 07/31/2014, 03:06pm EDT

MedStar Health gets OK for 'one-stop' health shop south of Dupont Circle

MedStar Health's downtown ambulatory care center is a go.

Thursday - 07/31/2014, 02:57pm EDT

Boston-based Clover Food Lab planning several D.C. locations?

Clover Food Labs, a string of vegetarian, fast-food restaurants and food trucks in the Boston region, has its eye on D.C., apparently.

Thursday - 07/31/2014, 09:45am EDT

Former DC mayors to celebrate nominee's birthday

2 former DC mayors among hosts at Democratic nominee Bowser's birthday party

Thursday - 07/31/2014, 08:19am EDT

Washington, DC, man fined for Nebraska incident

Child-welfare expert accused of exposing himself in Nebraska fined $500 after making plea deal

Thursday - 07/31/2014, 08:00am EDT

City to unveil mural at D.C. aquatic facility

City to unveil mural at DC aquatic facility near Eastern Market

Thursday - 07/31/2014, 07:02am EDT

Golfers to go big to support Wounded Warriors

On Monday, Aug. 11, the World's Largest Golf Outing will be held simultaneously at more than 120 courses across 26 states, benefiting injured service men and women.

Thursday - 07/31/2014, 06:21am EDT

Schwartz touts education record in DC mayoral bid

Former D.C. councilmember Carol Schwartz says she has a stronger record on education than either of her opponents in the race for mayor, especially a fellow independent who has made education the centerpiece of his campaign.

Wednesday - 07/30/2014, 05:10pm EDT

Audit: D.C. fails to collect nearly $400K in rent at Eastern Market

D.C. officials failed to collect nearly $400,000 in rent from merchants operating in Eastern Market's South Hall for fiscal 2011 and most of fiscal 2012, according to a D.C. Auditor's report detailing what appears to be widespread financial mismanagement at the historic fresh foods market on Capitol Hill.

Wednesday - 07/30/2014, 04:46pm EDT

Lanier welcomes postponement of gun ruling

.C.'s police chief says she's happy the District has time to figure out how best to react to a ruling that strikes down its ban on carrying guns in public.

Wednesday - 07/30/2014, 12:40pm EDT

Barmini's Devin Gong on his plans for H Street NE's Copycat Co.

Devin Gong is taking his well-regarded bartending talents from Barmini to H Street Northeast.

Wednesday - 07/30/2014, 11:29am EDT

Former Redskins defend team name

Former stars of the Washington Redskins are circling the wagons to defend the team name.

Wednesday - 07/30/2014, 09:30am EDT

The Hill's '50 most beautiful people' gets personal

Clinton Yates, commentator

Wednesday - 07/30/2014, 05:33am EDT


Nationals-Orioles MASN dispute goes public

The contentious television rights negotiations between the Nationals and Orioles took a very public, ugly turn Tuesday.

Wednesday - 07/30/2014, 02:45am EDT
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