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White students no longer to be majority in school

BACK TO SCHOOL: US schools projected to have more minority students than whites for first time

Monday - 08/11/2014, 02:34am EDT

California debates 'yes means yes' sex assault law

BACK TO SCHOOL: California considers 'yes means yes' law to prevent university sexual assaults

Sunday - 08/10/2014, 08:58pm EDT

A look at California legislation on sexual assault

BACK TO SCHOOL: A look at California's college sexual assault 'consent standard' legislation

Sunday - 08/10/2014, 11:50am EDT

White students to no longer be majority at school

BACK TO SCHOOL: US schools projected to have more minority students than whites for first time

Sunday - 08/10/2014, 02:16am EDT

Racial, ethnic look at US public school students

A look at the racial and ethnic breakdown of students in American classrooms

Sunday - 08/10/2014, 12:02am EDT

Md. Board of Ed reverses school board action

Md. Board of Education reverses school board decision ousting principal

Saturday - 08/09/2014, 08:00pm EDT

5 Va. teachers in running for national award

Five Virginia teachers have been selected as state finalists for the 2014 Presidential Award for Excellence in Mathematics and Science Teaching.

Saturday - 08/09/2014, 03:13pm EDT

Devonte Fields not going to Stephen F. Austin

Devonte Fields not going to Stephen F. Austin after school says he would be ineligible

Friday - 08/08/2014, 09:50pm EDT

Loudoun Valley football parents push for use of helmet sensors

Sports-related concussions is a growing concern for parents and athletes. Parents at one Loudoun County want their football players to wear a product that could help protect their boys from the effects of repeated hard hits. But school officials aren't biting.

Friday - 08/08/2014, 02:04pm EDT

Questions and answers on NCAA reform

Questions and answers on NCAA reform package involving 5 biggest conferences

Friday - 08/08/2014, 01:32pm EDT

Va. man sentenced for slaying of VSU student

Virginia man sentenced for slaying of VSU student at off-campus student housing complex

Thursday - 08/07/2014, 11:01pm EDT

UMinn president: Keep Redskins name out of stadium

University of Minnesota president wants Redskins name banned from stadium at Vikings game

Thursday - 08/07/2014, 07:20pm EDT

2 Virginia schools blamed for restraining students

2 Virginia schools faulted for restraining, secluding students with emotional disabilities

Thursday - 08/07/2014, 05:30pm EDT

Musician dad of girl killed in Newtown plans album

Musician father of girl killed in Newtown school shooting to release album in her memory

Thursday - 08/07/2014, 04:18pm EDT

Education Department to ease college loan rules

Education Department seeks to ease college loan rules for those with troubled credit histories

Thursday - 08/07/2014, 03:29pm EDT

Vote would let big conferences set their own rules

What to watch: Behind the push to free big college conferences to set their own rules

Thursday - 08/07/2014, 12:58pm EDT

Md. Prof: Important details left out of UN climate reports

A Maryland associate professor and a lead author of a United Nations climate change working group says important details about individual countries' emissions are intentionally left out of summaries given to policymakers - making it difficult to craft targeted policies to that would reduce pollution globally.

Thursday - 08/07/2014, 10:41am EDT

Chinese student drowns at US host family's pool

16-year-old Chinese exchange student drowns at California host family's pool

Thursday - 08/07/2014, 03:00am EDT

Jewish children threatened on Sydney school bus

Jewish children traumatized by teen gang that allegedly hurled abuse and threats on Sydney bus

Wednesday - 08/06/2014, 11:00pm EDT

University of Oregon president resigns

University of Oregon President Michael Gottfredson resigns, effective immediately

Wednesday - 08/06/2014, 10:50pm EDT
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