3 bikini baristas arrested at Wash. coffee stand

3 bikini baristas arrested at Wash. coffee stand, accused of too much exposure, lewd conduct

Thursday - 10/31/2013, 11:59am EDT

Fish jumps onto boat, man jumps off (Video)

In an incident captured on tape, a crewman helping an angler reel in his catch got a bit more than he bargained for when the fish leaped on board and forced him to jump over the edge.

Thursday - 10/31/2013, 08:00am EDT

Woman to hand out letter, not candy, to obese trick-or-treaters

A woman in North Dakota is making headlines after announcing she will not give candy on Halloween night to overweight kids who ring her bell. Instead, she'll hand out a letter.

Wednesday - 10/30/2013, 04:11pm EDT

Ocean City celeb 'Rodney' carries bride down the aisle

Brides don't shrink away from sometimes ridiculous requests when it comes to their wedding day.

Wednesday - 10/30/2013, 12:46pm EDT

Bears break into car in Colorado, tear up interior

Not your typical vandals: Bears break into Colo. man's car, shred interior beyond recognition

Wednesday - 10/30/2013, 11:00am EDT

Good morning: Don't touch that snooze

Pacific Standard's Casey Cep, a Maryland native, says the snooze button is the root of all evil.

Wednesday - 10/30/2013, 09:40am EDT

Smartphone app releases scented alerts, notifications

Notifications are usually audible or visual - a soon to be released smartphone app and accessory will release a burst of fragrance, ranging from curry to lemon to alert smartphone users.

Tuesday - 10/29/2013, 08:32pm EDT

Dog blamed for apartment fire in Wash. state

Dog reaching for food turns on stove, causes apartment fire in central Wash., officials say

Tuesday - 10/29/2013, 04:10pm EDT

Surfers ride historic waves in Europe (Video)

Surfers from around the globe descended on a European coast to get the ride of a lifetime.

Tuesday - 10/29/2013, 02:32pm EDT

Marching band puts on spectacular half-time show (Video)

A college marching band took half-time to the next level last Saturday when it put on the "Hollywood Blockbuster Show."

Tuesday - 10/29/2013, 12:49pm EDT

Virgin America safety video is all song and dance (Video)

Virgin America wants to make sure its passengers pay attention to safety instructions at the start of its flights, so Tuesday it's debuting a new, irreverent safety video that features 36 singers and dancers.

Tuesday - 10/29/2013, 11:03am EDT

Sea lion snatches catch from fisherman (Video)

Sea lions have been known to exhibit aggressive behavior. They can bark loudly and demand food from passersby.

Tuesday - 10/29/2013, 10:57am EDT

Halloween candy calorie count: How long you'll have to walk per treat

Like kids, parents are tempted to dig-in, but even those small "fun-sized" candy bars can do damage to the waistline.

Tuesday - 10/29/2013, 09:36am EDT

Iowa college says squirrel vandalized bicycle

Squirrel suspected of being culprit in vandalized bicycle incident at Iowa community college

Monday - 10/28/2013, 10:10am EDT

Ways to protect your car from Halloween vandalism

You might be too old for trick-or-treating, but look out: This Thursday night, someone could target your sweet ride.

Monday - 10/28/2013, 07:35am EDT

Scientists dig for fossils in LA a century later

Surrounded by a gooey graveyard of prehistoric beasts, a small crew diligently wades through a backlog of fossil finds from a century of excavation at the La Brea Tar Pits in the heart of Los Angeles.

Monday - 10/28/2013, 06:38am EDT

Paranormal poll: Americans believe in, aren't scared of, ghosts

Sorry, Ghostbusters. A new paranormal poll finds that most Americans aren't afraid ghosts - even though they believe in them.

Sunday - 10/27/2013, 03:43am EDT

Sand needed in Calif. city due to eroding beaches

Got sand? Some are sending it to Port Hueneme, Calif., where eroding beach is a problem

Saturday - 10/26/2013, 04:20pm EDT

Austrian woman offers live tank shell on swap site

Dummy tank shell offered on Austrian swap site revealed as live explosive

Saturday - 10/26/2013, 04:20pm EDT

Ind. woman who donated kidney weds organ recipient

Indiana woman who donated kidney to ailing man weds him 3 years after transplant surgery

Saturday - 10/26/2013, 04:20pm EDT
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