A Scottish 'Yes' also means exit from EU, NATO

A Scottish 'Yes' to independence will mean an exit, at least for now, from the EU and NATO

Tuesday - 09/16/2014, 06:40am EDT

Compromise made in tax hike for Pascagoula

Pascagoula City Council, city school district reach compromise on property tax hike.

Tuesday - 09/16/2014, 06:20am EDT

Virginia lawmakers, Gov. McAuliffe agree on cuts

Democratic Gov. Terry McAuliffe and state lawmakers are announcing cuts to state agencies, universities, and local governments to help fill a projected budget gap and preserve Virginia's AAA bond rating.

Tuesday - 09/16/2014, 05:26am EDT

Turkey mulls 'buffer zone' against Jihadist group

Turkey considers 'buffer zone' against Islamic militants, taking in Muslim Brotherhood leaders

Tuesday - 09/16/2014, 05:20am EDT

Generation gap: Young Scots favor independence

Generation gap: Young Scots tend to favor independence; older ones say keep things as they are

Tuesday - 09/16/2014, 05:20am EDT

Tiny Qatar plays outsize role in US war strategy

Qatar: A key host to US military forces while hedging bets on outcome of Mideast conflicts

Tuesday - 09/16/2014, 05:20am EDT

Supreme Court to hear UPS pregnancy case

UPS has maintained its policy is "pregnancy neutral," but Lorton resident Peggy Young appealed to the Supreme Court, and the high court has agreed to hear her case in December.

Tuesday - 09/16/2014, 04:58am EDT

New questions over abortion coverage in health law

Congressional report raises questions about health law's abortion coverage compromise

Tuesday - 09/16/2014, 04:20am EDT

AP sources: US would hit back against Assad attack

AP sources: US would retaliate if Syrian forces went after American planes launching strikes

Tuesday - 09/16/2014, 04:20am EDT

Once-troubled reverse mortgages poised for rebound

New rules aim to reduce default rates in reverse mortgages amid signs program is rebounding

Tuesday - 09/16/2014, 04:12am EDT

AIBA recognizes Boxing India ahead of Asian Games

AIBA recognizes Indian boxing federation ahead of Asian Games, team can now use national flag

Tuesday - 09/16/2014, 03:16am EDT

Chicago, NY, Hawaii on Obama library's short list

Schools in Chicago, New York, Honolulu make the short list to host Obama presidential library

Tuesday - 09/16/2014, 03:14am EDT

Obama lends voice to DNC's first ads of 2014

DNC begins ads, voiced by Obama, targeting low-likelihood voters groups ahead of Election Day

Tuesday - 09/16/2014, 03:00am EDT

House GOP moves ahead on Syrian rebel training

Arming Syrian rebels, key part of Obama's war strategy, gets crucial support from House GOP

Tuesday - 09/16/2014, 02:40am EDT

Xi's India visit highlights changing power dynamic

Chinese President Xi's India visit highlights changing power dynamics among Asian nations

Tuesday - 09/16/2014, 02:09am EDT

GOP blocks women's bill, Dems see campaign fodder

GOP blocks Senate Dems' bill on women's pay and Dems get what they want: Campaign fodder

Tuesday - 09/16/2014, 01:30am EDT

Police: Rifle used to ambush Pennsylvania troopers

Police say gunman used rifle to ambush troopers, killing 1; shooter may have been well-trained

Tuesday - 09/16/2014, 12:44am EDT

Kerry to chair UN Security Council meeting on Iraq

Kerry set to chair UN Security Council meeting on Iraq this week

Tuesday - 09/16/2014, 12:40am EDT

White House backs use of body cameras by police

White House says requiring police to wear body cameras could address mistrust after Ferguson

Tuesday - 09/16/2014, 12:08am EDT

Judge halts proceedings in child stabbing case

Judge halts proceedings against girl charged with stabbing friend pending competency check

Monday - 09/15/2014, 10:04pm EDT
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