DC adds race to nation's debate on legalizing pot

DC pursues pot legalization for racial justice, not tax revenue; will Congress intervene?

Tuesday - 10/14/2014, 03:36am EDT

Texas Gov. Perry ordered to be in court Halloween

Indicted Texas Gov. Perry has Halloween court date as he faces felony abuse of power charges

Tuesday - 10/14/2014, 03:26am EDT

Cotton, Pryor stick to familiar themes in debate

Cotton, Pryor spar over Obama, outside groups in Arkansas Senate race debate

Tuesday - 10/14/2014, 03:20am EDT

Hagel: Climate change will challenge US military

Pentagon chief warns that climate change could bring big challenges for the US military

Tuesday - 10/14/2014, 03:20am EDT

Obama and the Midterms: What's at stake?

Obama and the Midterms: What's at stake for the president's final years in office?

Tuesday - 10/14/2014, 03:20am EDT

Democrats say GOP budget cuts hurt Ebola response

Both parties test Ebola's political powers, as Dems target GOP budget cuts and GOP hits Obama

Tuesday - 10/14/2014, 03:16am EDT

Ryan: Humans might not be cause of climate change

US Rep. Paul Ryan, running for re-election, says humans might not cause climate change

Tuesday - 10/14/2014, 03:14am EDT

Kentucky Senate debate has Obama focus

Democrat Grimes v. GOP Leader McConnell in Kentucky Senate debate with Obama focus

Tuesday - 10/14/2014, 03:12am EDT

CDC: Protocol breach in treating Ebola patient

CDC: Ebola diagnosis in health care worker indicates protocol breach in treating Thomas Duncan

Tuesday - 10/14/2014, 03:12am EDT

Police: More than 50 arrested in Ferguson protests

Rain, tornado threat don't deter hundreds of protesters in Ferguson; more than 50 arrested

Tuesday - 10/14/2014, 02:40am EDT

In Myanmar Parliament, colorful hats cap divisions

Myanmar Parliament's headgear, from flowers to bear claws, reflect diversity and divisions

Monday - 10/13/2014, 11:47pm EDT

Myanmar Parliament's hats reveal much about owners

From ninja scarves to menageries of headgear, Myanmar Parliament hats reveal much about owners

Monday - 10/13/2014, 11:30pm EDT

WWII planes fly over Washington

World War II vintage airplanes fly over Pentagon, National Cemetery

Monday - 10/13/2014, 11:13pm EDT

Warner, Gillespie face off in final debate

Mark Warner and Ed Gillespie face off in Richmond in final Senate debate

Monday - 10/13/2014, 11:13pm EDT

Debate Night: KY, VA, AR Senate hopefuls face off

Debate Night: Hopefuls in KY, VA, AR face off over Senate control 3 weeks from elections

Monday - 10/13/2014, 11:00pm EDT

Chicago union head decides against mayoral bid

Chicago Teachers Union head won't run for mayor against Rahm Emanuel

Monday - 10/13/2014, 10:50pm EDT

Va. Senate debate filled with partisan accusations

US Sen. Mark Warner, Ed Gillespie, accuse each other of partisanship in final Senate debate

Monday - 10/13/2014, 09:00pm EDT

Probe sought in California no-bid health contracts

Group calls for probe of California's no-bid health contracts, senator calls 'outrageous'

Monday - 10/13/2014, 08:12pm EDT

Tea Party group endorses Roberts in Senate race

Tea Party Express endorses Roberts in US Senate race, despite deriding him in primary battle

Monday - 10/13/2014, 08:10pm EDT

Disqualified Navajo candidate to remain on ballot

Navajo presidential candidate to stay on ballot despite disqualification; election to proceed

Monday - 10/13/2014, 07:20pm EDT
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