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Faceoff in Hong Kong: 3 sides, all with options

Faceoff over Hong Kong democracy protests: 3 sides have options could defuse, escalate crisis

Thursday - 10/02/2014, 04:04pm EDT

Activists say Assad supporters protest in Syria

Activists say government supporters in Syria hold rare protest after bombings kill 25 children

Thursday - 10/02/2014, 03:50pm EDT

Putin shrugs off damage from Western sanctions

Putin shrugs off Western sanctions, says Russian economy will remain strong

Thursday - 10/02/2014, 02:56pm EDT

UN: Migrants crossing to Europe in record numbers

UN: Migrants crossing sea to Europe in record numbers, with 3,000 dying so far this year

Thursday - 10/02/2014, 02:38pm EDT

UK royals issue warning over Prince George pics

Prince William and wife Kate warn photographer over 'surveillance' of toddler Prince George

Thursday - 10/02/2014, 02:34pm EDT

Lesotho to hold elections 2 years early in 2015

Mediator says Lesotho to hold early elections in February 2015 in bid to end political tension

Thursday - 10/02/2014, 01:29pm EDT

Liberia short on ambulances for Ebola patients

Liberia ambulance staff face shortages, resistance of patients to move Ebola sick to clinics

Thursday - 10/02/2014, 01:02pm EDT

Saudi Arabia: 2 million in Mecca for start of hajj

Saudi health officials say kingdom Ebola-free as some 2 million Muslims begin hajj pilgrimage

Thursday - 10/02/2014, 12:57pm EDT

London exhibit charts chilling allure of gothic

London exhibit explores centuries of gothic thrills, from 'Dracula' to Alexander McQueen

Thursday - 10/02/2014, 12:56pm EDT

Palestinian-born candidate runs for Berlin mayor

Palestinian-born candidate runs for Berlin mayor, says rise can give hope to disaffected youth

Thursday - 10/02/2014, 12:30pm EDT

South Africa: White extremist's house stirs debate

South Africa activist proposes turning slain white extremist's home into museum, angers some

Thursday - 10/02/2014, 12:20pm EDT

Kosovo selects its first Oscar contender

Kosovo nominates its first American Academy Award contender: 'Three Windows and a Hanging'

Thursday - 10/02/2014, 11:50am EDT

Sky's no limit for Czech chimney climbers

Sky's no limit for Czech chimney climbers seeking thrills and spectacular views

Thursday - 10/02/2014, 10:02am EDT

For sale: 2,500 Dutch body bags

Dutch government to sell 2,500 surplus body bags via online auction

Thursday - 10/02/2014, 09:42am EDT

97 Nigerian soldiers accused of refusing to fight

Court-martial accuses 97 Nigerian soldiers of cowardice, refusing to fight extremists

Thursday - 10/02/2014, 09:00am EDT

AP PHOTOS: Trash pickers worry about end of dump

AP PHOTOS: Trash pickers worry about livelihoods once giant dump closes in Brazil's capital

Thursday - 10/02/2014, 08:40am EDT

Bomb hits passenger bus in NW Pakistan, killing 7

Police: Bomb hits passenger bus in northwest Pakistan, killing 7

Thursday - 10/02/2014, 08:33am EDT

Maine Sen. Angus King traveling to India next week

Maine Sen. Angus King visiting India next week to meet with officials, members of Parliament

Thursday - 10/02/2014, 07:07am EDT

Man with Ebola virus flew roundabout trip to US

Man diagnosed with Ebola took 2 airlines, 3 flights to US; CDC says no risk to other travelers

Thursday - 10/02/2014, 06:57am EDT

Russia halts student exchange program with US

Russia opts out of high school student exchange program with US families; US expresses regret

Thursday - 10/02/2014, 06:50am EDT
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