Virgin Galactic spaceship makes successful flight

Virgin Galactic's SpaceShipTwo makes successful test flight to 71,000 feet in Mojave Desert

Friday - 01/10/2014, 07:30pm EST

In Marvel's Ultimate universe, fate looms large

With world-altering events in play, Marvel sees big changes for its 'Ultimate universe' line

Friday - 01/10/2014, 04:44am EST

Cargo ship with gifts, ants heads to space station

Va. company launches cargo ship to space station after solar scare; food, ants stashed away

Thursday - 01/09/2014, 06:38pm EST

Northern lights may expand south next couple days

Goodbye freeze, hello northern lights; solar flare should expand shimmering skies south a bit

Thursday - 01/09/2014, 05:50pm EST

Long shots: Galaxies from 13.2 billion years ago

Hubble spies deeper, farther than ever for pictures of galaxies from 13.2 billion years ago

Thursday - 01/09/2014, 05:38pm EST

Seismometers to monitor Seahawks-Saints game

2 earthquake monitors installed at CenturyLink Field for earthshaking Seahawks-Saints game

Thursday - 01/09/2014, 01:58pm EST

Utah avalanche was largest in modern history

Utah scientists say avalanche was largest disaster of type in modern history of North America

Thursday - 01/09/2014, 11:08am EST

Motion picture academy to honor film lab employees

Motion picture academy to honor film lab employees with Oscar

Thursday - 01/09/2014, 09:44am EST

Deep freeze has silver linings for natural world

Deep freeze has silver linings: raising Great Lakes levels, killing invasive bugs and more

Thursday - 01/09/2014, 08:38am EST

Back to the future? Time travel missing on Twitter

Dr. Who knows? Researchers don't find evidence of time travel on internet, Twitter, Facebook

Thursday - 01/09/2014, 08:20am EST

Misbehaving sun delays space station supply flight

Misbehaving sun delays space station supply flight; complex getting 4-year extension

Thursday - 01/09/2014, 03:50am EST

Report doesn't resolve debate over Great Lakes

Debate over protecting Great Lakes from Asian carp unresolved after Army Corps' report

Wednesday - 01/08/2014, 06:54pm EST

Md. teacher charged with touching colleagues

Md. middle school teacher charged with improperly touching female co-workers

Wednesday - 01/08/2014, 05:10pm EST

Robots invade Las Vegas consumer electronics show

Robots are getting a lot of attention at CES 2014 - the annual consumer electronics show in Las Vegas.

Wednesday - 01/08/2014, 01:42pm EST

Head of science at Smithsonian to step down

Smithsonian's Eva Pell will retire from her post as undersecretary for science in March.

Wednesday - 01/08/2014, 01:23pm EST

Mars rover photographs featured at Smithsonian

Mars rover photography featured in new exhibit at Smithsonian, marking 10th year of mission

Wednesday - 01/08/2014, 11:04am EST

Fast-moving erosion threatens Hawaii coastal homes

Fast-moving erosion threatens Hawaii coastal homes, but seawall might destroy iconic beach

Wednesday - 01/08/2014, 06:06am EST

Solar power lights up D.C. communities

One local organization is changing the way people buy and use energy ... one neighborhood at a time.

Tuesday - 01/07/2014, 12:47pm EST

US icebreaker to rescue 2 ships in Antarctica

US Coast Guard icebreaker goes to rescue of Chinese and Russian ships trapped in Antarctica

Tuesday - 01/07/2014, 08:20am EST
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