Berlin governing party chooses new mayor

Berlin governing party chooses city development minister as new mayor after incumbent quits

Saturday - 10/18/2014, 10:52am EDT

McAuliffe embarking on trade trip to Asia

Va. Gov. Terry McAuliffe leaves for trade trip, with stops in Japan, China, South Korea

Saturday - 10/18/2014, 10:50am EDT

'Ebola czar' an expert on Washington, not medicine

Obama's new 'Ebola czar' an expert at taking temperature of Washington, not patients

Saturday - 10/18/2014, 10:48am EDT

Conservatives gaining force in Brazil Congress

Conservative blocks gain force in Brazil's Congress, shaping policy

Saturday - 10/18/2014, 10:38am EDT

Nurse with Ebola arrives at NIH in Maryland

NIH doctor: Nurse with Ebola to Maryland hospital in 'fair,' stable condition

Saturday - 10/18/2014, 10:30am EDT

GOP targets Dem House districts that backed Romney

GOP going after House Dems from districts that backed Romney, but few prove to be pushovers

Saturday - 10/18/2014, 09:18am EDT

Arizona joins other states in allowing gay unions

Same-sex unions become legal in Arizona, couples rush to get marriage licenses

Saturday - 10/18/2014, 09:08am EDT

Gay marriage: Alaska, Arizona couples win fight

Gay marriage: Couples win fight after rulings in Alaska, Arizona clear way for same-sex unions

Saturday - 10/18/2014, 09:08am EDT

US military sees long haul ahead for war with IS

In for the long haul: US general predicts airstrikes will degrade IS forces over next year

Saturday - 10/18/2014, 09:02am EDT

Obama's under-used credit card declined in NY

Identity theft? President's under-used credit card declined in a New York restaurant

Saturday - 10/18/2014, 08:58am EDT

India politician jailed for graft freed on bail

Powerful south Indian politician freed on bail after being convicted of corruption

Saturday - 10/18/2014, 08:54am EDT

Europe's top powers deadlocked as economy sinks

Arguing while Europe sinks: Germany, ECB policy standoff over economy is worrying markets

Saturday - 10/18/2014, 08:48am EDT

Sikh massacre in India is issue in California race

Sikh massacre in India 30 years ago arises as issue in contested California congressional race

Saturday - 10/18/2014, 08:20am EDT

Bombings kill 4 security troops in Afghanistan

Car bomber kills 3 troops in Afghanistan as another bombing kills a district police chief

Saturday - 10/18/2014, 08:08am EDT

Md. naval air station plans training exercises

Naval Air Station in St. Mary's County planning weekend training, added noise expected

Saturday - 10/18/2014, 08:02am EDT

Hagel seeks info on Iraq chemical weapons exposure

Hagel asks military chiefs, leaders for info on troops exposed to Iraq chemical weapons

Saturday - 10/18/2014, 07:40am EDT

US: Human rights criticism needles NKorea

North Korea is scrambling to respond as human rights criticism grows, US envoy says

Saturday - 10/18/2014, 07:10am EDT

Indonesia's new president faces tough early tests

Indonesia's incoming president gets boost after meeting rival, but tough challenges await

Saturday - 10/18/2014, 06:58am EDT

House Dems fight to hold 9 districts Romney won

A look at the 9 House districts held by Dems that Romney carried in 2012 presidential election

Saturday - 10/18/2014, 06:00am EDT

SPIN METER: Shaky claims on Ebola budgets

SPIN METER: Competing claims, shared responsibility for curbs on agencies fighting Ebola

Saturday - 10/18/2014, 05:26am EDT
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