NY man wants feds to prosecute police beating case

NY man wants feds to take over police beating case; county prosecutor says it's not justified

Wednesday - 10/15/2014, 05:18pm EDT

Obama cancels campaign trip to focus on Ebola

Obama abruptly cancels campaign trip to NJ, Conn, to convene Cabinet on Ebola response

Wednesday - 10/15/2014, 05:18pm EDT

Rand Paul stumps for Dave Brat, Ed Gillespie

Rand Paul stumps in Va. for senate candidate Ed Gillespie, congressional hopeful Dave Brat

Wednesday - 10/15/2014, 05:00pm EDT

4 questions to ask before renewing health coverage

4 questions to ask before renewing health insurance on the overhaul's public exchanges

Wednesday - 10/15/2014, 04:56pm EDT

Contents of 1901 Boston time capsule revealed

Inventory of 1901 Boston time capsule finds letters, photos, foreign policy book

Wednesday - 10/15/2014, 04:43pm EDT

Gov. to French, Irish: Don't mess with our tobacco

Gov. to Irish, French: Plain cigarette packs would be like Guinness, champagne, without labels

Wednesday - 10/15/2014, 04:35pm EDT

Ohio senator visits key states while mulling 2016

Ohio Sen. Portman hitting key states while mulling possible 2016 White House bid

Wednesday - 10/15/2014, 03:54pm EDT

Putin to focus on Ukraine during trip to Milan

Putin set for diplomatic blitz in Milan focusing on Ukraine

Wednesday - 10/15/2014, 03:20pm EDT

Portugal to stick with austerity program in 2015

Fragile Portugal faces another year of austerity as gov't risks its re-election prospects

Wednesday - 10/15/2014, 03:20pm EDT

Bishop: Voters could write in Mother Teresa

Catholic bishop: Rhode Islanders can write in Mother Teresa to send signal on abortion issue

Wednesday - 10/15/2014, 03:20pm EDT

Colorado Senate hopeful airs ads as ballots arrive

Colorado Senate candidate Gardner pushes bipartisanship in ads aired as ballots start arriving

Wednesday - 10/15/2014, 03:00pm EDT

CSX CEO says rail deals would face tough scrutiny

CSX CEO: regulators would be cautious about any rail consolidation, won't discuss deal reports

Wednesday - 10/15/2014, 03:00pm EDT

Record number of black candidates seeking office

Record number of African-American candidates seeking congressional, statewide offices in 2014

Wednesday - 10/15/2014, 02:52pm EDT

Greek markets nosedive amid political uncertainty

Political uncertainty in Greece spurs dramatic sell-off in stock, bond markets

Wednesday - 10/15/2014, 02:30pm EDT

FACT CHECK: Odd take on Constitution in Ky debate

FACT CHECK: Perplexing reading of Constitution, health law in Kentucky Senate debate

Wednesday - 10/15/2014, 02:10pm EDT

Yemeni man sues German gov't over US drone strikes

Yemeni man sues German government over base used for US drone strikes that killed 2 relatives

Wednesday - 10/15/2014, 02:00pm EDT

Yogurt is now official New York state snack

Yogurt is now New York's official snack; state is nation's top producer of the diary product

Wednesday - 10/15/2014, 01:50pm EDT

France risks humiliating 'fail' in EU budget test

France seeks EU leniency for second year running as 2015 budget set to shred past promises

Wednesday - 10/15/2014, 01:46pm EDT

Airport screening for Ebola: 5 things to know

Airport screening for Ebola: 5 things to know

Wednesday - 10/15/2014, 01:32pm EDT

Mozambique elections: Allegations of fraud

Mozambique elections: Opposition says it intercepted stuffed ballot boxes

Wednesday - 10/15/2014, 01:30pm EDT
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