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Man in Italy gets 20 years in acid attack on woman

Italian man gets 20-year sentence for acid attack on ex-girlfriend

Saturday - 03/29/2014, 03:50pm EDT

Thousands of Muslims stuck in C. African Republic

Thousands of Muslims still trapped in Central African Republic, seek evacuation

Saturday - 03/29/2014, 03:06pm EDT

Report: NSA had over 300 reports on Merkel

German magazine: NSA kept more than 300 reports on Chancellor Angela Merkel

Saturday - 03/29/2014, 01:40pm EDT

Donors pledge $1 billion to Pakistan for education

Ex-British premier says international donors will give Pakistan $1 billion in education aid

Saturday - 03/29/2014, 12:45pm EDT

8 cases of Ebola turn up in Guinea's capital

8 cases of Ebola reported in capital of Guinea as fears rise over outbreak of deadly virus

Saturday - 03/29/2014, 12:20pm EDT

C. African Republic grenade attack kills 9 people

UN condemns grenade attack on Central African Republic funeral that killed 9 people

Saturday - 03/29/2014, 11:10am EDT

Assad preparing to run for president despite war

Syrian president preparing to run for third term despite deadly civil war

Saturday - 03/29/2014, 09:36am EDT

Thousands march in Thai capital against government

Thousands of anti-government protesters march in Thai capital to demand pre-election reforms

Saturday - 03/29/2014, 09:32am EDT

Iraq's West Qurna-2 oil field starts production

Official: Iraq's major West Qurna-2 field starts production at around 120k barrels per day

Saturday - 03/29/2014, 07:48am EDT

Putin, Obama discuss solution to Ukraine crisis

Putin, Obama discuss solution to Ukraine crisis; Yanukovych urges nationwide referendum

Saturday - 03/29/2014, 07:18am EDT

Gunmen attack Pakistani journalist, killing driver

Police say gunmen open fire on senior journalist in eastern Pakistan, killing his driver

Saturday - 03/29/2014, 07:00am EDT

Vatican says it's willing, wants to help Venezuela

Vatican says it's willing, wants to help Venezuela mediation but needs to study aims, options

Saturday - 03/29/2014, 04:40am EDT

In new row, Israel at odds with US over visas

In new row between allies, Israel appeals to US to loosen its tourist visa restrictions

Saturday - 03/29/2014, 04:40am EDT

China plane searching for jet spots 3 objects

Chinese media: Chinese plane spots 3 suspicious objects in search area for Malaysian airliner

Saturday - 03/29/2014, 04:28am EDT

Taliban militants attack US aid group in Kabul

Taliban attack US charity's guest house as foreigners, including women and children, flee

Saturday - 03/29/2014, 04:06am EDT

Searchers checking latest objects for link to jet

Planes, ships comb new search zone to inspect latest objects before linking to missing jet

Saturday - 03/29/2014, 01:41am EDT

Syrian-Armenian town's fate murky after rebel grab

Armenians dismayed as Syrian rebels seize historic area, prompting residents to flee

Friday - 03/28/2014, 10:16pm EDT

Vatican bank's ousted president comes out swinging

Vatican bank's ousted president cleared, accuses board of causing 'grave damage' to Vatican

Friday - 03/28/2014, 06:47pm EDT

20 years: Rwanda genocide flame stirs memories

20 years later, Rwandan genocide flame, on tour of country, stirs memories of death

Friday - 03/28/2014, 06:46pm EDT

Canadian man gives up everything but beer for Lent

Instead of giving up one thing for Lent, Chris Schryer is giving up everything -- except beer.

Friday - 03/28/2014, 05:54pm EDT
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