UK hacking suspect: I'll fight US extradition

Lawyer for UK hacking suspect Lauri Love says he'll fight any move to extradite him to America

Friday - 02/28/2014, 11:20am EST

Report: UK spies intercept webcam pics, nudity

Report: UK spies collect massive store of nude photos after intercepting Yahoo webcam service

Friday - 02/28/2014, 10:30am EST

Egypt army 'AIDS detector' instead finds ridicule

In Egypt, proclaimed devices to detect, cure AIDS and hepatitis instead find harsh ridicule

Friday - 02/28/2014, 07:44am EST

Hulu selling Japan business to Nippon TV

Video streaming company Hulu selling Japan business to Nippon TV; price not disclosed

Friday - 02/28/2014, 07:40am EST

Region weather brings storms in skies, social media

ABC7's Lauryn Ricketts says a social media following, in the right hands, is an asset during a weather emergency.

Friday - 02/28/2014, 04:31am EST

Incentives are coming for payments by phones

Pay with your phone? Consumers still prefer plastic cards, but incentives are coming

Friday - 02/28/2014, 04:20am EST

China busts major Web-based baby trafficking rings

China rescues 382 babies, detains 1,094 people after busting Web-based baby trafficking rings

Friday - 02/28/2014, 04:00am EST

Vietnam says bitcoin transactions are illegal

Vietnam says bitcoin transactions are illegal, warns against investing in virtual currencies

Friday - 02/28/2014, 01:20am EST

Fingerprint security convenient, but not flawless

Samsung's fingerprint technology not bulletproof, but provides convenient security

Thursday - 02/27/2014, 11:50pm EST

Head of troubled bitcoin exchange still in Japan

Head of troubled bitcoin exchange Mt. Gox says he's still in Japan, working on resolution

Thursday - 02/27/2014, 09:50pm EST

Sony to close two-thirds of US stores

Sony to close two-thirds of US stores as part of major restructuring

Thursday - 02/27/2014, 09:50pm EST

Google barge to leave San Francisco for Stockton

Google's mystery barge headed to Stockton, Calif. after being ordered to leave San Francisco

Thursday - 02/27/2014, 07:00pm EST

Bumpy ride ahead through pothole purgatory

Patch as patch can: Frigid weather and overdue maintenance blamed for pothole purgatory

Thursday - 02/27/2014, 05:34pm EST

British man charged with hacking Federal Reserve

British man charged in NY with hacking Federal Reserve, posting names and passwords online

Thursday - 02/27/2014, 05:19pm EST

BBVA Chile launches money transfer app on Facebook

BBVA Chile launches Latin America's first money transfer service on Facebook

Thursday - 02/27/2014, 04:51pm EST

Editor Brooks says she paid UK officials for leaks

Former Murdoch editor Rebekah Brooks tells jurors she paid UK public officials for information

Thursday - 02/27/2014, 12:06pm EST

Collapse of exchange spells trouble for bitcoin

Disappearance of large bitcoin exchange adds to mystery, mistrust surrounding virtual currency

Thursday - 02/27/2014, 10:46am EST

Target faces bigger challenges than TJX

Target's fallout from security breach likely will far outpace what TJX faced

Thursday - 02/27/2014, 06:56am EST

What's a bitcoin? A look at the digital currency

A glance at bitcoins and how they are affected by the disappearance of a major online exchange

Thursday - 02/27/2014, 05:50am EST

Quantum leap toward future of computing

The world's first quantum computing company is in closed-door meetings in Washington, explaining the possibilities of a computer said to be 100,000 times faster than today's devices.

Thursday - 02/27/2014, 04:15am EST
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