UN calls on Israel to agree to humanitarian pause

UN calls on Israel to agree to a 'unilateral humanitarian pause' for aid delivery to Gaza

Wednesday - 07/16/2014, 05:01pm EDT

Man charged in ND with masquerading as FBI agent

Convicted swindler charged with masquerading as FBI agent on North Dakota's oil patch

Wednesday - 07/16/2014, 04:56pm EDT

States told to find way to clear Medicaid backlog

California among 6 states told to come up with a plan for clearing Medicaid backlog

Wednesday - 07/16/2014, 04:52pm EDT

Obama pushes to stop corporate overseas tax moves

Obama administration pushes to stop companies from looking to overseas combos for tax relief

Wednesday - 07/16/2014, 04:49pm EDT

FBI: 3 cartel members accused of kidnapping SC man

FBI: 3 drug cartel members kidnap South Carolina man, hold him for nearly 1 week before rescue

Wednesday - 07/16/2014, 04:41pm EDT

NJ Gov. Christie to be in Iowa and 2016 spotlight

NJ Gov. Chris Christie's visit to Iowa Thursday seems likely to put him back in 2016 spotlight

Wednesday - 07/16/2014, 04:40pm EDT

Swedish court upholds detention order on Assange

Swedish court upholds detention order on WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange

Wednesday - 07/16/2014, 04:20pm EDT

Former Coast Guard chief tapped as Arctic diplomat

State Department names former Coast Guard commandant to oversee US policy in Arctic

Wednesday - 07/16/2014, 04:20pm EDT

Hogan: Eliminate income tax on military pensions

Republican Larry Hogan says he would push to eliminate Maryland's income tax on military pensions, if he is elected governor.

Wednesday - 07/16/2014, 04:12pm EDT

Immigration now a top problem for US, per poll

1 in 6 call immigration top problem in the US, on par with economy, government dissatisfaction

Wednesday - 07/16/2014, 04:08pm EDT

Pentagon: More Russian troops on Ukraine border

Pentagon says Russian combat troops again building up along Ukraine border

Wednesday - 07/16/2014, 03:39pm EDT

Morocco warns of terror plot from Syria, Iraq

Morocco warns of terror plot from Moroccan fighters in Syria and Iraq

Wednesday - 07/16/2014, 03:31pm EDT

Editorial Roundup: Excerpts from recent editorials

Editorial Roundup: Excerpts from recent editorials in newspapers in the US and abroad

Wednesday - 07/16/2014, 03:31pm EDT

No hints from Hillary Clinton on 'The Daily Show'

Hillary Clinton appears on 'The Daily Show' but no hints on whether she'll run for president

Wednesday - 07/16/2014, 03:14pm EDT

GOP, Dems fight over legality of suing Obama

Republicans, Dems clash over legality of House GOP lawsuit against Obama over health care law

Wednesday - 07/16/2014, 03:00pm EDT

In Ga. Senate race, Kingston says he can unite GOP

In Georgia, longtime congressman says he can unite bickering factions of Republican Party

Wednesday - 07/16/2014, 02:46pm EDT

House votes to extend moratorium on Internet taxes

House votes to make permanent moratorium preventing states from taxing access to the Internet

Wednesday - 07/16/2014, 02:40pm EDT

New guidelines could help many pregnant workers

Stronger federal guidelines to protect pregnant workers could have broad consequences on jobs

Wednesday - 07/16/2014, 02:26pm EDT

Jack Kingston, Senate candidate from Georgia

Jack Kingston, Senate candidate from Georgia

Wednesday - 07/16/2014, 02:23pm EDT

Macedonia to ban gay marriage in constitution

Macedonia's ruling conservatives to change constitution to ban gay marriage, high debt

Wednesday - 07/16/2014, 01:38pm EDT
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