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Foreign ministers agree on Ukraine cease-fire path

Foreign ministers of Russia, Ukraine, Germany, France agree on steps toward Ukraine cease-fire

Thursday - 07/03/2014, 03:48am EDT

Chinese leader's Seoul visit snubs North Korea

China leader in Seoul in visit that snubs North Korea and gives US something to think about

Thursday - 07/03/2014, 02:48am EDT

Palestinians say Israeli extremists killed teen

Palestinians accuse Israeli extremists of killing teenager in revenge attack

Thursday - 07/03/2014, 02:02am EDT

Messy protest shows rising HK fears about China

Hong Kong police clear hundreds from disorderly protest highlighting rising fears about China

Thursday - 07/03/2014, 01:08am EDT

Guatemalan boy left for better life, died alone

Guatemalan boy left village hoping for better life in US, but died alone in Texas

Thursday - 07/03/2014, 12:06am EDT

Sarkozy fights back in face of corruption charges

Ex-president Sarkozy fights back in the face of charges in French corruption probe

Wednesday - 07/02/2014, 10:18pm EDT

Ebola deaths in West Africa rise to 467

WHO says Ebola deaths in West Africa surge to 467 ahead of summit to combat outbreak

Wednesday - 07/02/2014, 06:40pm EDT

Blast kills 4 soldiers in northern Tunisia

Mine blast kills 4 soldiers in northwest Tunisia as fight against militants shifts north

Wednesday - 07/02/2014, 06:30pm EDT

Suicide bomber kills 11 in Afghan capital

Suicide bomber kills 11 in attack on Afghan air force bus in Kabul; election results postponed

Wednesday - 07/02/2014, 05:00pm EDT

Pistorius is not a narcissist, psychologist says

Pistorius' conduct not associated with abusive relationships, 'rage-type' murder, expert says

Wednesday - 07/02/2014, 03:26pm EDT

US-born banda singers find success in Mexico, US

US-born banda singers with slicker sound find success in both sides of the border

Wednesday - 07/02/2014, 02:30pm EDT

Vatican gives thumbs up for exorcist association

Vatican gives legal approval to exorcist group in sign of the Pope's concern about the devil

Wednesday - 07/02/2014, 01:32pm EDT

Rain on a plane: leak forces flight's turnaround

Water flows down aisles, rains on passengers of double-decker flight; forces plane turnaround

Wednesday - 07/02/2014, 01:10pm EDT

Afghanistan to release election results July 7

Afghan official says preliminary results of election will be announced July 7

Wednesday - 07/02/2014, 12:19pm EDT

Dubai builder Arabtec has Abu Dhabi firm's backing

Embattled Dubai builder Arabtec aims for more transparency, keeps Abu Dhabi firm's support

Wednesday - 07/02/2014, 11:40am EDT

Grenade attack wounds 4 in northern Lebanon

Grenade attack at coffee shop in northern Lebanon wounds 4 people

Wednesday - 07/02/2014, 11:01am EDT

Iran pushes back against US demands at nuke talks

US demands concessions at nuke talks, Iran pushes back ahead of July 20 deal target date

Wednesday - 07/02/2014, 10:49am EDT

Moldovan Parliament ratifies European Union accord

Moldova's Parliament ratifies European Union free trade pact despite Communist opposition

Wednesday - 07/02/2014, 10:30am EDT

World UFO Day: Search for extraterrestrial intelligence continues

Are we alone? July 2 is World UFO Day and seeks to answer that question as people gather together to watch the skies for unidentified flying objects.

Wednesday - 07/02/2014, 09:42am EDT

Militant urges Muslims to build Islamic state

Extremist group leader urges Muslims to travel to Iraq and Syria to help build Islamic state

Wednesday - 07/02/2014, 07:38am EDT
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