Putin visits Kazakhstan after remarks cause alarm

Putin visits Kazakhstan after remarks questioning statehood cause alarm

Tuesday - 09/30/2014, 09:29am EDT

Australia says man sent money to American in Syria

Australian police arrest man accused of sending money to American who went to fight in Syria

Tuesday - 09/30/2014, 06:44am EDT

Thai man gets death penalty for train rape, murder

Thai ex-train employee gets death penalty for rape, murder of 13-year-old girl on night train

Tuesday - 09/30/2014, 05:36am EDT

Afghan president sworn in, paving way for US pact

New Afghan president sworn in, paving way for US security pact

Tuesday - 09/30/2014, 04:26am EDT

China faces tricky balance in Hong Kong's protests

Beijing faces challenge in curbing Hong Kong's protests without cracking down too hard

Tuesday - 09/30/2014, 04:26am EDT

Asian stocks mostly lower after US declines

Asian stocks mostly lower after Wall Street declines, Hong Kong protests

Tuesday - 09/30/2014, 03:58am EDT

Obama hosts India's Modi for White House visit

Once shunned by US, India's Modi rides wave of enthusiasm to White House for visit with Obama

Tuesday - 09/30/2014, 03:14am EDT

China celebrates new holiday of Martyr's Day

China celebrates Martyr's Day, 1 of 3 new holidays created in renewed focus on World War II

Tuesday - 09/30/2014, 01:30am EDT

Hong Kong protesters set deadline for government

Pro-democracy protesters in Hong Kong set Wednesday deadline for response from government

Tuesday - 09/30/2014, 01:16am EDT

S. Korean ship runs aground, everyone rescued

South Korean cruise ship runs aground but all 109 people onboard rescued

Monday - 09/29/2014, 11:30pm EDT

5 more bodies found at Japan volcano; toll now 36

5 more bodies found at Japanese volcano, raising toll to 36; rescue work halted by toxic gas

Monday - 09/29/2014, 10:44pm EDT

US-Russian crew docks with space station

US-Russian crew docks with International Space Station

Monday - 09/29/2014, 08:54pm EDT

Mystery over N. Korean leader fuels health rumors

A limp, a vanishing act, then "discomfort" fire speculation about North Korean leader's health

Monday - 09/29/2014, 07:34pm EDT

Myanmar wants country off UN human rights agenda

Myanmar insists it should be off UN rights agenda, says has addressed 'all major concerns'

Monday - 09/29/2014, 03:56pm EDT

US urges restraint against Hong Kong protesters

White House urges authorities in Hong Kong to show restraint with pro-democracy protesters

Monday - 09/29/2014, 02:00pm EDT

News Guide: Issues, people in Hong Kong protests

News Guide: The key issues and people in the Hong Kong pro-democracy protests

Monday - 09/29/2014, 01:30pm EDT

Police defend handling of protests

Monday - 09/29/2014, 12:50pm EDT

Death, hunger stalk Indian tea-estate workers

Death, hunger stalk Indian tea workers in an industry largely unchanged since colonial times

Monday - 09/29/2014, 12:22pm EDT

Japan, N. Korea discuss abductions of Japanese

Japan, N. Korea discuss abductions of Japanese, but N. Korea provides no report on probe

Monday - 09/29/2014, 11:00am EDT

Image of Asia: Tools for an 'Umbrella Revolution'

Image of Asia: Tools ready for Hong Kong's 'Umbrella Revolution'

Monday - 09/29/2014, 10:29am EDT
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