Viewers frustrated as baby eagle dies on webcam

Viewers alarmed as wild baby eagle dies on Maine webcam; officials wouldn't intervene

Thursday - 06/26/2014, 01:17am EDT

Lawmakers urge court to block Chesapeake cleanup

Group of 39 lawmakers calls EPA's plan to clean up Chesapeake Bay an abuse of power

Wednesday - 06/25/2014, 06:10pm EDT

Monarch butterflies may have magnetic compass

Study: Monarch butterflies may use magnetic compass for autumn migrations to central Mexico

Wednesday - 06/25/2014, 05:04pm EDT

Company successfully tests space-tourism balloon

Arizona company successfully tests high-altitude balloon for space tourism

Wednesday - 06/25/2014, 11:56am EDT

Rocket to launch Saturday from Wallops Island

Rocket to launch Saturday from NASA Wallops Flight Facility on Virginia's Eastern Shore

Wednesday - 06/25/2014, 07:14am EDT

Study: Dry eyes could be attributed to computer use

There's yet another problem linked to too much screen time.

Wednesday - 06/25/2014, 05:14am EDT

Heat & Repeat: Globe breaks May temperature record

Earth sets monthly heat mark in May; experts expect more hot temperature records to break

Tuesday - 06/24/2014, 06:52pm EDT

Swiss urge glacier hikers to look for artifacts

Swiss turn melting glacial patches into 'lost and found' sites for archaeology artifacts

Tuesday - 06/24/2014, 05:12pm EDT

AP NewsBreak: Survey probes Hanford worker dynamic

AP NewsBreak: Report says many workers at nuclear site feel they can't challenge managers

Tuesday - 06/24/2014, 04:17pm EDT

Famed atom smasher gets twice the energy next year

Retooled atom smasher relaunches next year at double energy levels to aid research, discovery

Tuesday - 06/24/2014, 03:26pm EDT

Ex-GalleyCat ed Jason Boog on raising bookworms

Jason Boog, former editor of the publishing blog GalleyCat, writes book on raising bookworms

Tuesday - 06/24/2014, 02:36pm EDT

US mayors unanimously pass climate change ideas

US mayors give unanimous nod for cities to use nature to fight climate change effects

Tuesday - 06/24/2014, 01:28pm EDT

Great white shark numbers are surging, study says

Great white sharks seeing a population boom in waters off Eastern US and Canada, study says

Tuesday - 06/24/2014, 01:00pm EDT

Joan Lunden diagnosed with breast cancer

The former, long-time co-host of "Good Morning America" announced her diagnosis on the TV show.

Tuesday - 06/24/2014, 11:17am EDT

New X-ray gun lets users scan their surroundings

It's the size of a breadbox, uses about 10 watts of power, and with a click of a button, can provide the user a glimpse of what organic threats lie beneath clothing.

Tuesday - 06/24/2014, 06:01am EDT

Stephanie Kwolek, Kevlar inventor, dies at 90

DuPont chemist Stephanie Kwolek, inventor of body army component Kevlar, dies at 90

Monday - 06/23/2014, 11:12pm EDT

Scientists find 6,200-year-old parasite egg

Found: 1 ancient parasite egg linked to disease that still infects 200 million people globally

Monday - 06/23/2014, 05:50pm EDT

5 things to know about adoptees' search via DNA

5 things to know about the black market babies and their search for relatives via DNA testing

Monday - 06/23/2014, 11:28am EDT

Settlement in case of UCLA chemist in fatal fire

Deal settles prosecution of UCLA chemistry professor in lab fire death of researcher

Monday - 06/23/2014, 11:08am EDT

Rock that whizzed by Earth may be grabbed by NASA

Asteroid that zipped near Earth in 2011 good target for NASA to grab, haul to moon and visit

Monday - 06/23/2014, 10:18am EDT
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