Navy sailor, fiancee marry at Nevada airport

Returning Navy sailor weds fiancee at Nevada airport; reception in baggage claim

Friday - 11/22/2013, 11:30am EST

Condom maker ranks penis-size by state

A condom maker has released results of a recent penis-size study that has men in some states feeling proud, and others not so much.

Thursday - 11/21/2013, 02:18pm EST

Pong played on Philly skyscraper nets world record

Supersized version of Pong played on Philly skyscraper gets spot in Guinness book of records

Thursday - 11/21/2013, 01:50pm EST

Oops: Pro-Boeing ad in Seattle uses Airbus plane

Oops: Friends of Boeing mistakenly use photo of Airbus plane in Seattle newspaper

Thursday - 11/21/2013, 11:08am EST

Lawmaker ends shopping cart destruction campaign

Hawaii legislator puts down sledgehammer, ends smashing of shopping carts used by homeless

Wednesday - 11/20/2013, 07:40pm EST

Nobody home: Utah town forgets to hold election

Utah mountain town of Wallsburg forgets to hold November election _ for a second time

Wednesday - 11/20/2013, 04:11pm EST

Costco apologizes for California bible flap

Costco apologizes for listing Bibles as fiction in California store

Wednesday - 11/20/2013, 03:26pm EST

Mom snaps adorable photos of son napping with puppy (Photos)

A young mother's Instagram feed is giving new meaning to the term "puppy love" after the California woman snapped adorable photos of her son and his best friend napping.

Wednesday - 11/20/2013, 02:32pm EST

Grandma who ran NY family drug ring gets 15 years

Grandma who enlisted family members for NY drug-dealing ring sentenced to 15 years in prison

Wednesday - 11/20/2013, 12:08am EST

Chinese man with fake US bank claim gets life

Chinese businessman who faked the purchase of a nonexistent US bank gets life for tax fraud

Tuesday - 11/19/2013, 10:41pm EST

Washington man sticks with 'Joe Biden defense'

Washington man refuses plea deal for firing shotgun, sticks with 'Joe Biden defense'

Tuesday - 11/19/2013, 03:57pm EST

Colombian dad, kids honor musical genius of Depeche Mode (Video)

A dad and his two small children are single-handedly reminding the world of the musical genius of Depeche Mode.

Tuesday - 11/19/2013, 01:06pm EST

Jean-Claude Van Damme split video not all that dangerous (Video)

It may be the split seen around the world -- but just how dangerous was it?

Tuesday - 11/19/2013, 08:54am EST

US Navy sailor, fiancee to marry at Nevada airport

Can't wait to wed: Returning Navy sailor to marry high school sweetheart at Nevada airport

Monday - 11/18/2013, 08:47pm EST

Wedding rings swapped for Chiefs tickets

Wedding rings swapped for tickets to Chiefs games against Chargers, Broncos

Monday - 11/18/2013, 07:38pm EST

Man charged with driving BMW down 'Rocky' steps

Philadelphia police charge man with driving BMW down museum steps made famous in 'Rocky'

Monday - 11/18/2013, 07:38pm EST

Florida won't repeat public python hunt next year

Florida won't repeat public hunt for invasive Burmese pythons in the Everglades next year

Monday - 11/18/2013, 01:51pm EST

Chicago mayor, comic engage over deep-dish diss

Chicago mayor, Daily Show comedian engage over deep-dish diss

Friday - 11/15/2013, 10:50pm EST

Cops: Pa. man stole backhoe, drove miles to Philly

Police say suburban man stole backhoe, drove it more than 30 miles to Philadelphia scrapyard

Friday - 11/15/2013, 02:10pm EST

Pet kangaroo gets loose, causes stir in West Texas

Pet kangaroo gets loose, causes stir in West Texas; later captured and returned to owner

Friday - 11/15/2013, 02:10pm EST
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