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Iraq clashes prevent voting in parts of province

Iraq election official says no voting to be held in violence-struck areas of Anbar province

Tuesday - 04/08/2014, 03:16pm EDT

Communication cut with tense south Egypt province

Security officials: telephone, Internet networks briefly cut with tense south Egypt province

Tuesday - 04/08/2014, 03:10pm EDT

Bomb hits train in southwest Pakistan, killing 16

Bomb rips through train car in southwest Pakistan, killing 16 people

Tuesday - 04/08/2014, 02:43pm EDT

Albania: 2.2 tons of cannabis found inside sofas

Albania: 2.2 tons cannabis found stashed in sofas bound for Italy

Tuesday - 04/08/2014, 02:31pm EDT

UK police probing unexplained Peaches Geldof death

UK police investigating 'sudden, unexplained' death of media personality Peaches Geldof

Tuesday - 04/08/2014, 02:30pm EDT

Mamma Mia: ABBA mark 40 years since breakthrough

ABBA celebrate 40 years since breakthrough with party, no regrets

Tuesday - 04/08/2014, 01:50pm EDT

Senator critical of effort to free US contractor

US senator criticizes Obama administration for failing to free contractor from Cuban prison

Tuesday - 04/08/2014, 12:50pm EDT

Honeymoon slaying suspect charged in South Africa

Shrien Dewani, accused over wife's honeymoon slaying, arrives in South Africa to face charges

Tuesday - 04/08/2014, 12:41pm EDT

Kerry offers sober assessment of Iran nuke talks

Kerry offers sober assessment of Iran nuclear talks with 6 world powers

Tuesday - 04/08/2014, 12:40pm EDT

Afghan suspect in AP shootings sent to Kabul

Afghan authorities transfer policeman who confessed to shootings of AP reporters to Kabul

Tuesday - 04/08/2014, 12:08pm EDT

Killer of British soldier appeals life sentence

Killer of British soldier Lee Rigby appeals against life sentence without parole

Tuesday - 04/08/2014, 11:40am EDT

UK scientists make body parts in lab

UK scientists make noses, ears and other body parts in lab, widespread use still years away

Tuesday - 04/08/2014, 10:03am EDT

Dems slam CIA ex-boss over Feinstein criticism

Dems slam former CIA boss Hayden for calling torture report product of Feinstein's emotions

Tuesday - 04/08/2014, 09:40am EDT

Germany OKs law to allow more dual citizens

Germany approves law allowing immigrants' children to keep 2 passports, ending forced choice

Tuesday - 04/08/2014, 09:39am EDT

Quebec separatist party suffers crushing defeat

Anti-independence Liberals win Quebec legislative elections, defeating separatist party

Tuesday - 04/08/2014, 09:38am EDT

Thailand's Red Shirts brace for 'judicial coup'

Thailand's Red Shirts gear up for protests if court ousts leader, raising specter of violence

Tuesday - 04/08/2014, 08:50am EDT

Peaches Geldof dies unexpectedly at age 25

Peaches Geldof, daughter of Live Aid concert organizer Bob Geldof, dies unexpectedly at age 25

Tuesday - 04/08/2014, 08:04am EDT

Germany bans Hezbollah-linked fundraising group

Germany bans Hezbollah-linked group that raised about $4.5 million from supporters

Tuesday - 04/08/2014, 07:50am EDT

Gunman kills Dutch priest in Syrian city of Homs

Gunman in besieged Syrian city of Homs shoots to death well-known Jesuit Dutch priest

Tuesday - 04/08/2014, 07:50am EDT

Egypt women: Rights on paper, not yet on ground

After winning greater rights in constitution, Egyptian women waiting to see them realized

Tuesday - 04/08/2014, 07:31am EDT
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