China revives moon rover, but malfunction persists

China revives 'Jade Rabbit' moon rover, but control malfunction persists

Thursday - 02/13/2014, 05:41am EST

Feds: Small Ore., Calif. fish no longer endangered

Feds propose removing small fish found in Oregon, California creeks from endangered list

Wednesday - 02/12/2014, 06:50pm EST

Ancient skeletons dug up at Florence's Uffizi

5th-century cemetery found in Uffizi Gallery dig; dozens of skeletons could be plague victims

Wednesday - 02/12/2014, 05:48pm EST

Seattle construction workers unearth mammoth tusk

Mammoth tusk unearthed at Seattle construction site; museum hopes to excavate

Wednesday - 02/12/2014, 03:19pm EST

Nuclear fusion project takes key step in lab test

From a space tinier than the width of a hair, promising results emerge for nuclear fusion

Wednesday - 02/12/2014, 03:11pm EST

FBI tries shooting down laser strikes with cash

The FBI, FAA and pilots are hoping cash will induce people to report incidents of handheld lasers being pointed at aircraft.

Wednesday - 02/12/2014, 12:24pm EST

King Richard III to get his genetic code sequenced

Richard III to become first English king get his genetic code sequenced

Tuesday - 02/11/2014, 10:20pm EST

Israeli prize for Polish, French US intellectuals

Israeli prize honors Polish, French, US scientists and intellectuals

Tuesday - 02/11/2014, 03:00pm EST

Pharma data play larger role in Olympic drug tests

Olympic anti-doping efforts get boost from drug industry intelligence

Monday - 02/10/2014, 07:20pm EST

Bottle released by Mass. scientist in 1956 found

Bottle released by Mass. scientist in 1956 to track ocean currents is found off Nova Scotia

Monday - 02/10/2014, 06:34pm EST

Jane Goodall, primatologist and frequent flyer

British primatologist Jane Goodall, on eve of 80th birthday, never stays in 1 place for long

Monday - 02/10/2014, 12:26pm EST

Crabs' birds and bees: Effects of crab sex life on Maryland industry

Knowing the intimate lives of blue crabs has real implications for Maryland's Chesapeake Bay and the outlook for the state's watermen.

Monday - 02/10/2014, 08:07am EST

VCU receives $1.5 NIH grant

Virginia Commonwealth University has received a five-year grant totaling nearly $1.5 million to enhance teaching and advising at VCU and John Tyler Community College and Thomas Nelson Community College.

Monday - 02/10/2014, 03:43am EST

Researchers looking for cause of starfish deaths

Researchers looking for cause of starfish wasting syndrome

Sunday - 02/09/2014, 07:10pm EST

Weather weary nation asks why such a nasty winter

Why is this winter so wild? Is it a record? When will it end? Answers for weather weary nation

Friday - 02/07/2014, 08:42pm EST

Water shortage in California town stokes fears

With less than 100 days' water in storage, rural California town grow anxious about future

Friday - 02/07/2014, 08:42pm EST

Bill Nye: Bible doesn't tell Earth's true history

Head of Ky. Creation Museum debates Bill Nye the 'Science Guy' on evolution, earth's origin

Friday - 02/07/2014, 08:42pm EST

Panel says federal wolf plan used unproven science

Scientists say lifting of wolf protections across most of US based on unproven genetic claims

Friday - 02/07/2014, 07:14pm EST

CDC: Cruise ship bug was newer norovirus strain

CDC: The bug that hit Explorer of the Seas cruise ship was a newer Sydney strain of norovirus

Friday - 02/07/2014, 01:53pm EST

Skipped the gym? Stand outside and shiver

Here's the skinny on some new science.

Friday - 02/07/2014, 10:48am EST
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