Climate expert: New England ski resorts vulnerable

Scientist: Some New England ski resorts not well poised to survive due to climate change

Thursday - 02/06/2014, 08:40pm EST

Flooded British villages ignite climate debate

Southwest England inundated by floodwaters for a month; crisis re-ignites climate debate

Thursday - 02/06/2014, 02:40pm EST

Minnow to be 1st fish taken off endangered list

Oregon chub to be 1st fish taken off Endangered Species Act protection due to recovery

Thursday - 02/06/2014, 12:50pm EST

A year adrift on the Pacific? A medical Q & A

The story of a Salvadoran fisherman who says he survived more than a year adrift on the Pacific Ocean raises many medical questions.

Thursday - 02/06/2014, 11:06am EST

Step to artificial hand that feels what you touch

HEALTHBEAT: Scientists wire man's arm to robotics in quest for artificial hand that can feel

Thursday - 02/06/2014, 08:27am EST

Experiment adds sense of touch to artificial hand

HEALTHBEAT: Scientists add sense of touch to robotic hand, a step to more lifelike prosthetics

Thursday - 02/06/2014, 04:17am EST

Are you addicted to your phone?

Researchers are trying to determine how much time phone users spend engaged with their devices. And, a new app attempts to quantify why many have a "phone jones."

Thursday - 02/06/2014, 04:16am EST

Wide gap between New Delhi, Beijing smog policies

Bad pollution plagues both New Delhi and Beijing, but which city is taking steps to tackle?

Thursday - 02/06/2014, 01:10am EST

Nevada marina recovering after massive fish kill

Oxygen slowing rising after massive fish kill at Nevada marina; no toxins in latest tests

Wednesday - 02/05/2014, 05:20pm EST

Wary NKorea struggles to stay afloat in info age

Surfing the Intranet: North Korea's authoritarian alternative to the World Wide Web

Monday - 02/03/2014, 08:30pm EST

Prince Charles slams climate-change deniers

Prince Charles calls climate-change deniers 'headless chicken brigade'

Monday - 02/03/2014, 10:50am EST

Chinese fans of 'Jade Rabbit' rover await news

Fans of China's 'Jade Rabbit' lunar rover await news of its status after mechanical problems

Monday - 02/03/2014, 10:50am EST

Old manuscripts get face-lift at Jerusalem mosque

At Jerusalem mosque, a renewed attempt to preserve old, decaying manuscripts

Monday - 02/03/2014, 10:50am EST

Culture festival opens in ancient Pakistani ruins

Son of assassinated Pakistani premier opens controversial cultural festival in ancient ruins

Monday - 02/03/2014, 08:01am EST

UVa receives $10M gift for Data Science Institute

A University of Virginia graduate's private foundation is giving $10 million to the school to support its new Data Science Institute.

Monday - 02/03/2014, 03:19am EST

Merck joins companies ending chimpanzee research

Merck joins other drugmakers, contract research labs vowing not to do research on chimpanzees

Sunday - 02/02/2014, 06:50pm EST

Fla law agency chemist may have stolen evidence

Fla. law agency believes chemist stole drug evidence being tested in criminal cases

Saturday - 02/01/2014, 08:40pm EST

Amid drought, California agency won't allot water

Amid drought, California says state water won't be available to agencies serving millions

Saturday - 02/01/2014, 11:20am EST

Oust that tune: Study details cures for earworms

Is an earworm your Waterloo (as in Abba's tune)? Study finds what helps people oust that tune

Friday - 01/31/2014, 11:20pm EST

Study finds why some supplements might be risky

Mouse study suggests why some vitamins might spur cancer, backing longtime warning for smokers

Friday - 01/31/2014, 09:40pm EST
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