Findings released on Anne Arundel County police

Lack of accountability in internal affairs cited in report on Anne Arundel County police

Monday - 08/12/2013, 03:50pm EDT

Anne Arundel Co. task force to announce findings

Task force to announce findings after review of complaints about Anne Arundel Co. police dept.

Monday - 08/12/2013, 10:20am EDT

Renovated Halethorpe MARC station opening

O'Malley, Cardin, to attend renovated Halethorpe MARC station opening

Monday - 08/12/2013, 08:38am EDT

Anne Arundel schools train dozens of bus drivers

Anne Arundel County schools training dozens of new school bus drivers in final weeks of summer

Sunday - 08/11/2013, 07:30pm EDT

Stolen Jeep crashes into home in Odenton

Stolen Jeep crashes into home in Anne Arundel County; no one hurt

Saturday - 08/10/2013, 07:19pm EDT

Anne Arundel Co. settles pension benefits dispute

Anne Arundel Co. settles pension benefits dispute with workers from state's attorney's office

Saturday - 08/10/2013, 12:10pm EDT

Prosecution ends its Manning sentencing case

Prosecution ends its sentencing case in Manning court-martial; defense begins Monday

Friday - 08/09/2013, 05:20pm EDT

Passer-by tackles suspect fleeing on bicycle

Passer-by chases, tackles suspect fleeing on bicycle

Friday - 08/09/2013, 06:09am EDT

State to look into alleged racism in county dept.

Md. health officials to look into allegations of racism against Anne Arundel health department

Thursday - 08/08/2013, 11:48am EDT

Md. lawmaker pleads guilty to drunken boating

Judge to consider whether to accept lawmaker's plea deal in October

Tuesday - 08/06/2013, 06:28pm EDT

Witness: Leaks chilled international relations

State Department official testifies that Manning's leaks chilled international relations

Monday - 08/05/2013, 12:40pm EDT

NC police accuse Md. mom of handcuffing daughter

NC police say Maryland woman mom handcuffed daughter to hotel bed while at wedding party

Monday - 08/05/2013, 12:00pm EDT

Anne Arundel Co. hotels feeling sequester's sting

Federal government agencies and their employees have felt the effect of the automatic budget cutbacks known as the sequester, but some businesses are evidently also feeling the sting.

Sunday - 08/04/2013, 06:11pm EDT

Teens caught in home with stolen goodies

3 teens caught in home with goodies stolen from another residence

Friday - 08/02/2013, 09:09pm EDT

Leaked cables chilled US human rights efforts

State Dept. witness says cables leaked by Manning chilled US human rights efforts

Friday - 08/02/2013, 06:49pm EDT

Man awaiting hearing bolts from courthouse

Man awaiting hearing bolts from courthouse, is caught in locked-down school's parking lot

Thursday - 08/01/2013, 06:40pm EDT

State Dept. 'horrified' by WikiLeaks releases

State Dept. witness says officials were 'horrified' by WikiLeaks' release of diplomatic cables

Thursday - 08/01/2013, 06:30pm EDT

US pursuit of leakers aided by Manning verdict

Manning's convictions over WikiLeaks disclosures boost government's pursuit of leakers

Wednesday - 07/31/2013, 10:24pm EDT

General: Manning leaks fractured US relationships

Ex-Army general: Bradley Manning's leaks fractured US relationships with Afghan villagers

Wednesday - 07/31/2013, 07:36pm EDT

From obscurity, Manning became polarizing symbol

From obscurity, Bradley Manning became polarizing symbol: Hero to some, traitor to others

Wednesday - 07/31/2013, 03:48pm EDT
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