Turn off that cell, avoid roaming charges

Traveling abroad? Watch out for wallet-busting roaming charges on cell phones and laptop wireless cards.

Thursday - 08/04/2011, 09:46am EDT

Don't get ripped off. Check that grocery receipt

"It's unfortunately very common for consumers that you go to check out and you realize after the fact that you've been overcharged for something," says SmartMoney.com's Kelly Grant.

Tuesday - 08/02/2011, 06:43am EDT

Your credit card can save you money while on vacation

Despite what your statement says afterwards, your credit card could save you money the next time you take a trip.

Monday - 08/01/2011, 11:53am EDT

Pet health insurance not worth the added cost

For many, pets are part of the family. And, while pet health insurance may seem like a good idea, it may not be in the long run.

Monday - 08/01/2011, 07:42am EDT

Summer silver screens under the stars

There's something special about watching movies under the stars. This summer, Virginia, D.C and Maryland offering just that.

Thursday - 07/28/2011, 12:34pm EDT

While supplies last: Grab green rebates while you can

The clock is ticking to get cash back for making energy-efficient upgrades to your home.

Wednesday - 07/20/2011, 12:41pm EDT

Green home improvements can save you money

You can get a pretty big tax break on certain home improvements.

Tuesday - 07/19/2011, 09:25am EDT

Don't have an e-reader? Go to the library

E-readers are popular gizmos, but they can be pretty expensive. But now, you don't have to buy one to use one. Some local libraries will let you borrow them and take them home for a while.

Thursday - 07/14/2011, 08:45am EDT

The apps that eat your wireless data

If you have a cellphone with a monthly limit on how much data you can use, here are some tips on what types of phone use will gobble up your precious megabytes:

Tuesday - 07/12/2011, 10:59pm EDT

Gas prices beginning to climb upward

WTOP's "Pain in the Gas" survey shows the average price of a gallon of regular is $3.70 - an increase of seven cents from last week.

Wednesday - 07/06/2011, 06:16pm EDT

Free stuff: Have you been to the library lately?

Libraries now offer a host of electronic items that will never be overdue.

Wednesday - 07/06/2011, 06:16am EDT

Cheaper car insurance can depend on credit scores

It turns out a good credit score can get you a break on car insurance.

Monday - 07/04/2011, 06:48pm EDT

Living Social offering deals for summer camps

Some of the most sought after summer camps in the region are helping parents with the high costs by offering deals, online.

Sunday - 06/26/2011, 01:19pm EDT

Comparison shop doctors and dentists

At PriceDoc.com, users can get price quotes for dental, cosmetic, vision, health maintenance and corrective medicine procedures.

Saturday - 06/25/2011, 03:57pm EDT

Gas now averages $3.82 a gallon

The average price of a gallon of gas of regular is below $4 for the fourth straight week, and down overall for the sixth straight week.

Thursday - 06/23/2011, 07:42am EDT

Buying in bulk isn't always the cheapest

Sometimes you can get a better deal at the grocery store during a weekly special.

Tuesday - 06/21/2011, 07:59am EDT

Avoiding credit card problems overseas

Don't count on your credit card on that big summer trip abroad.

Monday - 06/20/2011, 05:03am EDT

Searching for Father's Day gifts? Here are some ideas

Is dad a grill master? Would you like him to be a mix master? Here are some gift ideas and some sites offering free shipping.

Thursday - 06/16/2011, 07:46am EDT

Cable TV boxes are a major power drain

Many household gadgets draw power when they are not in use, but the box that comes with your television cable provider is one of the most wasteful.

Wednesday - 06/15/2011, 10:23am EDT

Do you really need to change your oil every 3,000 miles?

If you still change your oil every three months or 3,000 miles, it may be time to change your habits.

Tuesday - 06/14/2011, 08:00am EDT
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