Getting cheap Mother's Day flowers without being a cheapskate

Mother's day is just a week away, and if you plan on hitting up the florist for a dozen long-stem roses, chances are the bill will be around $50, but it doesn't have to be.

Sunday - 05/01/2011, 08:50am EDT

Reconsidering what to eat as food prices rise

Some foods may be a better bargain than others, including eggs and chicken.

Wednesday - 04/27/2011, 09:19am EDT

What to do with unused frequent flyer points

Ron Lieber, New York Times reporter

Monday - 04/25/2011, 10:18am EDT


Deals and free stuff on Earth Day

Who says Earth Day has to be all about giving? Check out these great discounts that reward you for contributing to saving the planet.

Friday - 04/22/2011, 10:12am EDT

LivingSocial offers $1 lunch deals today

More than 100 locations around D.C. are participating in the deals that you can get over your smartphone.

Friday - 04/15/2011, 11:02am EDT

Prices decline on some home renovation items

Costs are down on granite sink-tops, porcelain sinks and custom cabinets.

Thursday - 04/14/2011, 09:33am EDT

Olive oil: It's not just for cooking anymore

How well stocked is your medicine cabinet? Maybe better than you think, considering the alternative uses for some common products.

Monday - 04/11/2011, 01:54pm EDT

Last minute tax advice

Eva Rosenberg, the Tax Mama

Monday - 04/11/2011, 09:43am EDT

Download (April 6)

WTOP Saves You Money when you compare your cost with the price others are paying for the same thing.

Wednesday - 04/06/2011, 06:52am EDT

Common tax mistakes to avoid

Gordon Bernhardt, Bernhardt Wealth Management CEO and president

Monday - 03/28/2011, 11:25am EDT


Group coupons can save money on vacations

Online coupons offer discounts on everything from aquarium visits to white water rafting -- they are also in play around the globe.

Tuesday - 03/22/2011, 01:14pm EDT

How to save on your plumbing bills

Knowing a few things could save you hundreds in plumbing expenses.

Monday - 03/21/2011, 09:55am EDT

Use salt to lengthen milk's shelf life

The taste won't be affected, and you could double your milk's shelf life.

Monday - 03/21/2011, 09:15am EDT

A solution to customer service woes, at a price

It's frustrating having to navigate through customer service phone trees, only to be put on hold for hours for a chance to speak to an actual representative. Some companies think they have the answer, but there is a big catch.

Friday - 03/11/2011, 07:55am EST

The state of fares on airlines

Rick Seany, CEO of Fare

Tuesday - 03/08/2011, 05:49pm EST


Harris Teeter to offer a year of free groceries

The grocery chain is trying to get more people to sign up for its online promotions.

Tuesday - 03/01/2011, 07:39am EST

Free pancakes today at IHOP

The catch is that you are being asked to donate to the Children's Miracle Network Hospitals.

Tuesday - 03/01/2011, 06:17am EST

Georgetown Cupcake gives away free cupcakes

The immensely popular cupcake shop will give away free cupcakes Friday to mark the beginning of the second season of "DC Cupcakes," the reality show that follows the proprietors on TLC.

Friday - 02/25/2011, 08:30am EST

For National Chili Day, Hard Times offers a freebie

Hard Times Cafe is offering a free bowl of chili with any purchase on National Chili Day, Feb. 24.

Thursday - 02/24/2011, 06:12am EST

Harris Teeter waives online shopping fee

Through March 1, the grocery chain will waive its $4.95 express lane online shopping fee.

Wednesday - 02/23/2011, 12:27pm EST
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