D.C. statehood gets Senate committee hearing

For the first time in more than two decades, Congress will hear testimony Monday, Sept. 15 on whether the District of Columbia should become the 51st state in the country.

Monday - 09/15/2014, 07:05am EDT

Israeli court postpones imprisonment of Olmert

Court postpones imprisonment of former Israeli leader Olmert, pending appeal

Monday - 09/15/2014, 06:40am EDT

Austria plans to forbid Islamic extremist symbols

Austrian government plans to introduce law banning symbols of Islamic State, other extremists

Monday - 09/15/2014, 06:34am EDT

Scottish independence could mean messy divorce

What next? If Scotland votes for independence, prepare for intense talks and a messy divorce

Monday - 09/15/2014, 06:20am EDT

Iran's top leader discharged from hospital

Iran's supreme leader discharged from hospital after prostate surgery

Monday - 09/15/2014, 05:50am EDT

Hillary Clinton in Iowa stirs 2016 speculation

Hillary Clinton's 1st Iowa trip since 2008 setback kicks 2016 run speculation into overdrive

Monday - 09/15/2014, 05:00am EDT

Virginia income tax dependence cited in report

Virginia's dependence on state individual income tax cited in new national report

Monday - 09/15/2014, 04:50am EDT

Detroit cop faces 2nd trial in 7-year-old's death

Detroit officer to stand trial 2nd time for unintentionally killing girl during nighttime raid

Monday - 09/15/2014, 04:36am EDT

Va. gov to release details on budget cut agreement

Virginia Gov. Terry McAuliffe to release details on agreement over budget cuts

Monday - 09/15/2014, 04:10am EDT

SCHEV hits the road for annual presidents meeting

State Council of Higher Education for Virginia going on the road to JMU

Monday - 09/15/2014, 04:10am EDT

Diplomatic push grows against Islamic State group

Global drive grows against Islamic State, with promises of airstrikes but no ground troops

Monday - 09/15/2014, 03:50am EDT

US man in North Korea given 6 years of hard labor

North Korea sentences 24-year-old American man to 6 years of hard labor for espionage

Monday - 09/15/2014, 03:46am EDT

AP Enterprise: al-Qaida's Syrian cell alarms US

AP Enterprise: US intelligence most worried about al-Qaida cells plotting attacks on US planes

Monday - 09/15/2014, 03:42am EDT

Obama to visit Atlanta health center to talk Ebola

Obama heading to Centers for Disease Control next week to discuss Ebola outbreak in Africa

Monday - 09/15/2014, 03:00am EDT

Sweden shifts to left in parliamentary election

Swedish prime minister resigns as country shifts left in election

Monday - 09/15/2014, 02:46am EDT

Residents emerge in shell-shocked Ukrainian city

Residents in shell-shocked east Ukrainian city start returning to daily life

Monday - 09/15/2014, 02:36am EDT

Public housing safety policy can hit whole family

Public housing eviction policies can mean sins of the son are visited upon his mother

Monday - 09/15/2014, 01:58am EDT

Britain mourns slain hostage; another under threat

Britain mourns hostage killed by Islamic State; another captive threatened with death

Monday - 09/15/2014, 01:48am EDT

Turkey seeks behind-scene role in NATO coalition

Turkey seeks behind-scenes role in NATO battle against Islamic State group in Iraq and Syria

Monday - 09/15/2014, 01:40am EDT

Hearing planned amid Chinese incinerator protests

Hearing planned amid protests in southern China over planned trash incinerator

Monday - 09/15/2014, 12:40am EDT
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