Quick Draw: Target or Staples?

Both big-box stores delivered less than favorable results last week, one getting punished way more than the other. Are either of these stocks a buy on recent weakness?

Monday - 08/26/2013, 06:55am EDT

Anadarko Selling Stake in Rovuma Basin off Mozambique for $2.64 Billion

Anadarko Petroleum is selling a 10% stake in Area 1 – off of Mozambique's deepwater Rovuma Basin – but will remain the operator of the area and hold a 26.5% stake.

Monday - 08/26/2013, 06:29am EDT

3 Construction Stocks Capitalizing on the Recovery

Construction activity continues to face challenging conditions in the past few months driven by the softening in housing starts, recent public spending austerity and wet weather. However, there is light at the end of the tunnel and each of these factors have been offset by a gain in renovation spending, increase in economic growth and the end of a severe winter. In the second quarter the economy grew at a 1.7% pace, above consensus expectations of 1.0%.

Monday - 08/26/2013, 06:27am EDT

Can These Stocks Pop? Or Will They Go Flat?

Let's find out whether these soda giants can add some fizz to your portfolio or not.

Monday - 08/26/2013, 06:25am EDT

Could the New J.C. Penney CEO Turn the Company Around?

A large stakeholder is calling for removal of J.C. Penney's CEO, but will another change in leadership make a difference?

Monday - 08/26/2013, 06:16am EDT

Weakness at McDonald’s Might Present an Investment Opportunity

McDonald’s might not be the most popular stock at the moment, but this is a company that has bounced back -- for decades.

Monday - 08/26/2013, 06:04am EDT

Deals, Not Data, Drive Dow Today

When economic data is scarce, look to alternative sources for indications of a business's outlook on the future.

Monday - 08/26/2013, 06:00am EDT

Why Water Recycling is So Critical for Energy Companies

With millions of gallons of fresh water at stake, the industry needs to continue to develop its water recycling technologies. The good news is that there are two companies leading that charge.

Monday - 08/26/2013, 06:00am EDT

Do You Have a Problem with Noodles?

This one metric is keeping Noodles and Company from being an attractive investment.

Monday - 08/26/2013, 05:53am EDT

ConAgra Recalls Mislabeled Kroger Peanut Butter Cookie Dough

The company said it mispackaged peanut butter cup cookie dough into chocolate chip cookie dough packages.

Monday - 08/26/2013, 05:43am EDT

Mortgage REIT Insiders Take Advantage of the Dip

A handful of mREITs have been experiencing insider buying over the last month, despite the recent rout.

Monday - 08/26/2013, 05:35am EDT

Is Galena's Big Break Just Around the Corner?

No revenue or earnings. The stock is down 65% over the past five years. But is Galena still potentially poised for greatness?

Monday - 08/26/2013, 05:35am EDT

How the Dow's Oldest Company Got Started

Learning from the market's past to understand its present.

Monday - 08/26/2013, 05:34am EDT

Google Said to Want in on the Best Buy Action

Rumors suggest Google is preparing to make a deal with the electronics retailer.

Monday - 08/26/2013, 05:15am EDT

Amgen and Onyx: Half a Billion Dollars' Worth of Drama

Amgen and Onyx finally come to terms -- after a lot of drama.

Monday - 08/26/2013, 05:15am EDT

Alleged Foul Play Could Benefit the Fertilizer Industry

More news out of the potash industry. Thankfully for producers, this could be a positive report.

Monday - 08/26/2013, 05:12am EDT

3 Dividend Stocks Getting Smart About Smart Grids

Intelligent earnings can put profits in your portfolio.

Monday - 08/26/2013, 05:11am EDT

Why IBM's End Could Be Near

Can the elephant dance again?

Monday - 08/26/2013, 05:11am EDT

Why Economic Doubt Isn't Holding Back the Dow

Relatively weak economic data isn't necessarily bad news for the markets.

Monday - 08/26/2013, 05:03am EDT

5 Great Things AIG Did So Far in 2013

The insurer has been making its way back towards its former glory, but five particular moves have made 2013 great for its investors so far.

Monday - 08/26/2013, 05:03am EDT
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