A look at Penn State's new president, Eric Barron

A look at Penn State University's new president, Eric J. Barron

Tuesday - 02/18/2014, 03:20am EST

Animal moms customize milk depending on baby's sex

Special blend of milk just for girls? Animal moms customize their milk depending on baby's sex

Monday - 02/17/2014, 05:24pm EST

National license plate database sparks privacy fears

The Department of Homeland Security is closer to developing a National License Plate Recognition Database, which is raising privacy concerns.

Monday - 02/17/2014, 12:19pm EST

Study shows what fuels nightmares

Ten thousand dreams were documented by researchers at the University of Montreal for a study into nightmares and bad dreams.

Monday - 02/17/2014, 05:43am EST

DOE: Crews monitors NM nuclear site for radiation

DOE: Crews monitors NM nuclear storage site for radiation; no signs of surface contamination

Monday - 02/17/2014, 01:08am EST

Chelyabinsk one year later

A meteor streaked across the sky and exploded with the power of an atomic bomb in Russia exactly one year ago.

Sunday - 02/16/2014, 05:38pm EST

SC archeologists race to uncover Civil War prison

Archeologists race to uncover Civil War prison before development engulfs former asylum site

Sunday - 02/16/2014, 12:00pm EST

NM nuclear repository monitored for radiation

Airborne radiation detected underground at NM nuclear repository; no workers contaminated

Sunday - 02/16/2014, 01:50am EST

Kerry in Indonesia to talk climate change

Kerry in Indonesia with climate change on his mind after sealing China agreement

Sunday - 02/16/2014, 01:26am EST

It's grad school at the museum for NYC students

Master's program uses NYC's American Museum of Natural History to train science teachers

Saturday - 02/15/2014, 04:12pm EST

Farmers: Obama's drought relief efforts lacking

California farmers critical of Obama's drought relief efforts

Friday - 02/14/2014, 10:00pm EST

Germany investigating men who took pyramid piece

Germany investigating 2 men who took a fragment of an Egyptian pyramid

Friday - 02/14/2014, 09:40pm EST

Mystery of 'jelly doughnut' Martian rock solved

Scientists figure out mystery of 'jelly doughnut' rock that suddenly appeared in Mars images

Friday - 02/14/2014, 08:38pm EST

Warm West offsets cold East, makes average January

For snowbound East it may be hard to believe but January was about normal for US temperatures

Friday - 02/14/2014, 08:38pm EST

Ancient baby DNA suggests tie to Native Americans

From study of 12,600-year-old DNA from Montana, clues to early colonization of the Americas

Friday - 02/14/2014, 08:38pm EST

Nuclear fusion project takes key step in lab test

From a space tinier than the width of a hair, promising results emerge for nuclear fusion

Friday - 02/14/2014, 08:38pm EST

Mammoth tusk may be largest found in Seattle area

Mammoth tusk found at construction site appears to be largest unearthed in Seattle area

Friday - 02/14/2014, 11:19am EST

More talking, longer sentences help babies' brains

HEALTHBEAT: Research shows talking to babies early really matters, and long sentences are fine

Friday - 02/14/2014, 04:20am EST

Spanish team in Egypt finds 3,600-year-old mummy

Egypt: archeologists find 3,600-year-old mummy; 3 Germans tried for antiquities smuggling

Friday - 02/14/2014, 02:30am EST

Owner lets museum to dig up Seattle mammoth tusk

Museum begins digging up mammoth tusk found at Seattle construction site, with landowner's OK

Thursday - 02/13/2014, 10:18pm EST
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