DC Council to consider new ambulance plan

DC Council to consider new plan to deploy more ambulances during day

Friday - 04/11/2014, 04:28am EDT

US budget deficit falls in March to $37 billion

US budget deficit falls in March from same month last year as revenue rises, spending dips

Friday - 04/11/2014, 04:24am EDT

California city turns up heat on Sriracha maker

California city turns up heat on Sriracha hot sauce maker, calling it a public nuisance

Friday - 04/11/2014, 04:06am EDT

What's next in gay marriage's legal odyssey?

After appeals court hearing in Denver, what's next in gay marriage's legal odyssey?

Friday - 04/11/2014, 04:00am EDT

US warns Russia of tougher sanctions over Ukraine

US warns of tougher sanctions over Ukraine if Russia escalates situation

Friday - 04/11/2014, 03:56am EDT

Jindal joins those calling for lawmaker to resign

La. governor, state GOP chairman call for lawmaker to quit after video shows him kissing woman

Friday - 04/11/2014, 03:40am EDT

Sebelius resigns after health care rollout fiasco

Health and Human Services Secretary Sebelius resigning after rocky rollout of health care law

Friday - 04/11/2014, 03:32am EDT

Judge says flashing headlights is free speech

Oregon judge says flashing headlights to warn drivers of police presence is free speech

Friday - 04/11/2014, 03:30am EDT

At a glance: How to avoid tax refund fraud

Tips from the government on how to avoid tax refund fraud

Friday - 04/11/2014, 03:30am EDT

Report: Syria rebel infighting kills 51 fighters

Report: Fierce fighting between Islamic rebel groups kills 51 fighters

Friday - 04/11/2014, 03:24am EDT

Fleeing hostage mistakenly shot by LA deputies

Los Angeles County sheriff's deputies mistakenly kill fleeing hostage in West Hollywood

Friday - 04/11/2014, 03:20am EDT

Jeb Bush remarks expose GOP's immigration problem

Jeb Bush's 'act of love' remark stirs immigration foes, exposes GOP fissures for 2016

Friday - 04/11/2014, 03:16am EDT

Obama marks 50th anniversary of Civil Rights Act

Obama: 'I have lived out the promise' of LBJ and the Civil Rights Act

Friday - 04/11/2014, 03:16am EDT

Report: Russia withheld intel before Boston attack

Watchdog report: Russia withheld intelligence before Boston Marathon attack

Friday - 04/11/2014, 03:16am EDT

Shoe thrown at Hillary Clinton during speech

Hillary Clinton ducks, avoids shoe thrown at her during speech at Vegas recycling conference

Friday - 04/11/2014, 03:12am EDT

Argentina hit by nationwide strike over inflation

Argentines suffer nationwide strike over inflation, fearing economy is falling apart

Friday - 04/11/2014, 02:14am EDT

Giffords gunman made online rants before killing

Newly released documents include online rants by man who shot Gabrielle Giffords

Friday - 04/11/2014, 02:10am EDT

$4 billion: Bogus tax refunds a growing problem

$4 billion in bogus refunds: As tax deadline nears, stolen ID fraud a steady problem for IRS

Friday - 04/11/2014, 01:12am EDT

Connecticut Republicans loudly applaud Jeb Bush

Ex-Florida governor Jeb Bush calls on Connecticut Republicans to give hopeful vision to voters

Thursday - 04/10/2014, 11:35pm EDT

UN approves force for Central African Republic

UN unanimously approves nearly 12,000-strong peacekeeping force for Central African Republic

Thursday - 04/10/2014, 11:34pm EDT
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