Probe begun at girl's death leads to 26 arrests

Oregon weapons, drugs probe that began with killing of 5-year-old leads to 26 arrests

Wednesday - 07/09/2014, 07:00pm EDT

10-year sentence for ex-New Orleans Mayor Nagin

Federal judge sentences ex-New Orleans Mayor Ray Nagin to 10 years in prison

Wednesday - 07/09/2014, 04:34pm EDT

Patrol head says he's shocked by beating video

California Highway Patrol head says he's shocked by video of beating, department wounded

Wednesday - 07/09/2014, 03:16pm EDT

Philadelphia defends response to fatal fire

Philadelphia officials defend response to fire that killed 4 children steps from fire station

Wednesday - 07/09/2014, 03:12pm EDT

Judge fulfills 20-year sentencing deal for stepmom

Judge fulfills sentencing deal with stepmom, calls her 'evil' for taking pleasure in beatings

Wednesday - 07/09/2014, 01:44pm EDT

'Transformers' tops 'Tammy' on weak July 4 weekend

With $36.4 million in second week, 'Transformers' edges 'Tammy' on weak July 4 weekend

Wednesday - 07/09/2014, 12:14pm EDT

J. Crew introduces size 000 under criticism

If a size 00 at J. Crew is too big, the retailer is now offering an even tinier option: a size 000, which is the equivalent of a XXXS.

Wednesday - 07/09/2014, 12:01pm EDT

5 things about Cleveland, likely GOP host in 2016

And the convention goes to ... Cleveland? 5 things to know about likely host of GOP in 2016

Wednesday - 07/09/2014, 11:48am EDT

Crumbs shows dangers of focusing on single product

Failure of Crumbs shows dangers of rapid expansion, tying business to a single product

Wednesday - 07/09/2014, 10:10am EDT

Soda tax's last stand? Bay Area preps for showdown

Fight in Bay Area; San Francisco, Berkeley try to become first US cities to impose soda tax

Wednesday - 07/09/2014, 09:20am EDT

Virginia campus removes Confederate flags

Confederate battle flags removed from Washington & Lee University campus in Virginia

Wednesday - 07/09/2014, 09:14am EDT

Labor dispute briefly shuts LA, Long Beach ports

Hundreds of dockworkers briefly walk off jobs at ports of Los Angeles, Long Beach

Wednesday - 07/09/2014, 08:42am EDT

A look at the states with live greyhound racing

A look at the states with live greyhound racing

Wednesday - 07/09/2014, 05:51am EDT

Who's Next? Pot changes won't stop with Washington

Who's Next? Liberalization of marijuana laws not likely to stop with Washington

Wednesday - 07/09/2014, 04:40am EDT

Sterling testifies in Los Angeles Clippers trial

Donald Sterling gives testy testimony in Los Angeles Clippers sale trial

Wednesday - 07/09/2014, 03:17am EDT

Hundreds line up for legal pot in Washington state

Hundreds line up at Washington pot shops as state begins legal marijuana sales

Wednesday - 07/09/2014, 03:02am EDT

US workers encountered man left in cell for days

4 drug agency workers saw or heard handcuffed man left in cell for 5 days without food, water

Wednesday - 07/09/2014, 02:44am EDT

Derailed fuselages removed from Montana river

All 3 commercial plane bodies hoisted from Montana riverbank after train derailment

Wednesday - 07/09/2014, 01:22am EDT

NYPD arrests mother of baby left in subway station

NYPD arrests mother of baby abandoned in subway station; says she is homeless, widowed

Tuesday - 07/08/2014, 09:56pm EDT

Remembering game-changing Grand Canyon plane crash

1956 airliner crash over Grand Canyon remembered for helping spur major flight safety changes

Tuesday - 07/08/2014, 08:28pm EDT
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