Family friendly app serves as D.C. tour guide

Parents playing tour guide for their kids in the nation's capital can have some extra help at their fingertips.

Wednesday - 11/30/2011, 06:02am EST

App makes sure you're getting the best deals

It may be Cyber Monday, but many people still have plans for some hands-on holiday shopping, and there's an easy way to check whether those in-store holiday sales are actually good deals.

Monday - 11/28/2011, 04:06am EST

Civil War app takes on Virginia's Chancellorsville

History teams up with technology when officials unveil the latest Civil War app, this one for Chancellorsville.

Monday - 11/21/2011, 08:38am EST

New site finds, rates Foursquare deals in D.C.

Free is always good, right? But how do you know if it's really a good deal?

Monday - 11/14/2011, 04:19am EST

Fear the app: UMd. pilots technology to increase campus safety

A local police department is about to roll out safety technology not seen anywhere else in the world.

Thursday - 09/15/2011, 04:00pm EDT

App lets you check if kids are sexting

Eye Guardian looks for graphic phrases in your child's text messages and on his Facebook page and alerts you.

Wednesday - 09/07/2011, 08:51am EDT

Top mobile apps to relieve your gas tank, wallet

Improving your vehicle's gas mileage can help save money and cut expenses.

Monday - 09/05/2011, 03:52pm EDT

Window shopping, with your phone

If you're the type who likes to look around a bit before buying a new purse or a new pair of shoes, you might like the recently introduced free app called Snapette.

Thursday - 09/01/2011, 04:23am EDT

App will read traffic lights, map driving times

Red lights are not only a nuisance when you're running late for work, they're also bad for the environment. Now, there's a smartphone app that will help drivers map out driving times, based on traffic signals.

Wednesday - 08/31/2011, 08:43am EDT

Red cross creates apps to find shelters from Irene

Starting Friday, the Red Cross set up dozens of shelters in the regions in Irene's path.

Saturday - 08/27/2011, 08:07pm EDT

App steers passengers through airport security

A new smartphone application could help speed up trips through security by guiding travelers through the airport security process.

Monday - 08/15/2011, 05:46am EDT

Where to get big league discounts on baseball tickets

Fans can find great deals at the ballpark, this year, where the cheap seats are cheaper than ever.

Tuesday - 08/09/2011, 11:47am EDT

Busch Gardens launches iPhone application

Busch Gardens in Williamsburg is offering a new smartphone application that will help tourists find information such as wait times for roller coasters, restaurant menus or restroom locations.

Friday - 08/05/2011, 06:07am EDT

Surveillance system catches car dingers

Intel Research has developed an on-board surveillance system that can capture video of culprits who damage parked cars, then drive away. It can even send real-time video to a driver's smartphone.

Wednesday - 08/03/2011, 06:36am EDT

AOL launches personalized magazine app for iPad

Internet company AOL is trying to snatch a larger portion of the tablet computer audience by launching free iPad software that presents a customized, daily e-magazine that draws in content from all over the Web.

Wednesday - 08/03/2011, 03:57am EDT

Add baby monitor to your list of apps

When your baby cries, the app can alert you with a text, email or phone call.

Monday - 08/01/2011, 08:46am EDT

ERs turn to apps to let you know wait times

Inova's hospitals are among those offering wait time information that is updated every 10 minutes.

Thursday - 07/28/2011, 08:02am EDT

App figures out how you'd do with electric car

The Virtual Vehicle Company has designed a Smartphone app that logs data about a driver's regular habits and then produces hypothetical results of how an electric car would handle the same trip.

Thursday - 07/28/2011, 06:12am EDT

Planning a wedding? There's an app for that

Some say that planning a wedding can be as stressful as moving into a new home or dealing with a death in the family. But it doesn't have to be.

Thursday - 07/21/2011, 06:01pm EDT

New Civil War app to guide visitors to Manassas

A smartphone application providing a guided tour of Manassas battlefield is making its debut this month, just in time for the 150th anniversary of the Civil War's first great battle.

Thursday - 07/14/2011, 04:58am EDT
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