Virginia's western forensics lab begins expansion

Virginia's western forensics lab begins $40 million expansion

Friday - 02/28/2014, 09:01am EST

Egypt army 'AIDS detector' instead finds ridicule

In Egypt, proclaimed devices to detect, cure AIDS and hepatitis instead find harsh ridicule

Friday - 02/28/2014, 07:44am EST

Region weather brings storms in skies, social media

ABC7's Lauryn Ricketts says a social media following, in the right hands, is an asset during a weather emergency.

Friday - 02/28/2014, 04:31am EST

Study says park bison can be transferred

Study says Yellowstone bison can be transferred, but slaughters likely to continue this winter

Thursday - 02/27/2014, 08:20pm EST

Researchers: Yellowstone grizzlies not in decline

Government research team rejects claim that Yellowstone grizzly bear population in decline

Thursday - 02/27/2014, 05:06pm EST

Proposed US energy rules would shield whales

Proposed US environmental rules aimed at protecting endangered whales during gas, oil testing

Thursday - 02/27/2014, 02:56pm EST

Study: Teens' saturated fat intake can affect learning, memory

Cheese pizza, ice cream, hot dogs and hamburgers -- some of the foods most teenagers love to eat, might be changing their brains and affect learning and memory into adulthood.

Thursday - 02/27/2014, 11:54am EST

Video supports spending on federal research

Higher education, science groups release video supporting boost in federal research spending

Thursday - 02/27/2014, 11:48am EST

Building a Braille printer with Legos (Video)

A 7th grader constructed a functional Braille printer out of the Lego Mindstorms EV3 Kit. See the video.

Thursday - 02/27/2014, 08:33am EST

Disgraced SKorean scientist's conviction upheld

SKorea's top court upholds suspended prison term on disgraced cloning scientist Hwang Woo-suk

Thursday - 02/27/2014, 05:30am EST

Quantum leap toward future of computing

The world's first quantum computing company is in closed-door meetings in Washington, explaining the possibilities of a computer said to be 100,000 times faster than today's devices.

Thursday - 02/27/2014, 04:15am EST

DNA could tell story of Seattle mammoth tusk

Scientist expects to learn age, gender, life story from Seattle mammoth tusk

Wednesday - 02/26/2014, 08:26pm EST

Science academies explain global warming reality

American and British scientific academies answer 20 global warming questions in joint report

Wednesday - 02/26/2014, 08:10pm EST

Space: The latest news from the final frontier

WTOP Space Contributor Greg Redfern discusses the latest stories from the final frontier -- from major discoveries -- to the near drowning of an Italian astronaut during a spacewalk.

Wednesday - 02/26/2014, 07:55pm EST


Study: MERS virus infecting camels since 1992

Study: Mysterious MERS virus probably infecting camels in Saudi Arabia for at least 2 decades

Wednesday - 02/26/2014, 07:48pm EST

Ovary removal aids high-risk women but at what age

Ovary removal helps high-risk women avoid cancer; study suggests earlier better for some women

Wednesday - 02/26/2014, 07:40pm EST

Chile: Fossil whales in desert mystery solved

Scientists solve mystery of whales in Chile desert, found in fossilized skeleton graveyard

Wednesday - 02/26/2014, 05:17pm EST

Record-breaking meteorite hits moon (Video)

While it happened in September of last year, details are just emerging about a huge meteorite that hit the moon.

Wednesday - 02/26/2014, 02:08pm EST

Super-secure Blackphone unveiled, still not NSA-proof

A newly unveiled smartphone offers encrypted communications, but even its developer says there is no such thing as an NSA-proof phone.

Wednesday - 02/26/2014, 04:43am EST

NASA turns research to California drought

NASA scientists turn their technology and research to help manage California's drought

Tuesday - 02/25/2014, 07:46pm EST
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