CIA-Senate spat complicates spying oversight

CIA's spat with Senate complicates assurances that Congress is trusted to oversee NSA programs

Thursday - 03/20/2014, 01:00pm EDT

Clash of GOP titans in Mississippi Senate race

Mississippi's GOP Sen. Cochran faces toughest primary challenge of his career

Thursday - 03/20/2014, 11:34am EDT

Rand Paul criticizes Obama, others surveillance

Rand Paul criticizes Obama over government surveillance, calls for probe in UC Berkeley speech

Thursday - 03/20/2014, 07:32am EDT

GOP titans clash in Mississippi's Senate race

Political titans clash in Mississippi's Senate race as Cochran faces a tea party challenge

Thursday - 03/20/2014, 03:22am EDT

American Jewish Congress lauds Hillary Clinton

American Jewish Congress bestows lifetime achievement award on Hillary Rodham Clinton

Wednesday - 03/19/2014, 11:22pm EDT

State officials: Senate jobless bill is flawed

Boehner and state officials see problems with Senate jobless bill

Wednesday - 03/19/2014, 07:50pm EDT

AP Interview: Feinstein against legalizing pot

AP Interview: Feinstein says she hopes California will not allow recreational marijuana sales

Wednesday - 03/19/2014, 07:20pm EDT

Senators urge international monitors in Ukraine

Senators urge immediate deployment of international monitors to Ukraine

Wednesday - 03/19/2014, 06:30pm EDT

Congresswoman wants raise for tipped workers too

Rep. Donna Edwards calls for Maryland's Senate to increase tipped workers' base wage too

Wednesday - 03/19/2014, 05:50pm EDT

GOP lawmaker questions White House politics shop

House Republican chairman Issa seeks documents on White House political office

Wednesday - 03/19/2014, 03:08pm EDT
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