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New SAT: The essay portion is to become optional

New SAT: The essay will be optional, students will be able to use computers beginning in 2016

Thursday - 03/06/2014, 03:28am EST

New SAT: The essay portion is to become optional

New SAT: The essay will be optional, students will be able to use computers beginning in 2016

Thursday - 03/06/2014, 03:11am EST

Philly schools accused of religious beard bias

Feds sue Philly school district over bearded employee, accuse it of religious discrimination

Thursday - 03/06/2014, 12:50am EST

North Dakota University System server breached

North Dakota University System reports server breach; says nothing appears compromised

Wednesday - 03/05/2014, 07:00pm EST

House approves East Sea textbook change

Virginia House approves bill requiring textbook name change for Sea of Japan

Wednesday - 03/05/2014, 04:40pm EST

Essay is optional on new SAT

Wednesday - 03/05/2014, 04:30pm EST

Carroll County, Md., schools reveal cyberattack

Carroll County public school officials are revealing a cyberattack that shut down Internet access for one day last week.

Wednesday - 03/05/2014, 01:38pm EST

Longest-serving Randolph-Macon president dies

William Quillian Jr., the longest-serving president of the former Randolph-Macon Women's College, has died. He was 100.

Wednesday - 03/05/2014, 01:33pm EST

Spring break, Memorial Day up for grabs to make up snow days

Making up for lost classroom time after a winter full of snow days could mean a shorter spring break and Memorial Day weekend.

Wednesday - 03/05/2014, 01:09pm EST

Police keep close eye on Montgomery College campuses

Local police departments and college security officials have increased their presence at all three Montgomery College campuses after recent threats that mention school shootings.

Wednesday - 03/05/2014, 12:51pm EST

Bloomberg to speak at Harvard graduation

Ex-NYC Mayor Bloomberg selected to speak at Harvard University's commencement in May

Wednesday - 03/05/2014, 12:50pm EST

Orthodox seminary in Turkey awaiting reopening

Shut down Orthodox seminary in Turkey kept in pristine condition in the hope of a reopening

Wednesday - 03/05/2014, 11:38am EST

Transgender teen recants allegations of attack

California transgender teen recants school attack allegation amid lack of evidence

Wednesday - 03/05/2014, 11:10am EST

Comic book superheroes save reading, storytelling

A new generation of comic book heroes is waging battle against illiteracy and boredom.

Wednesday - 03/05/2014, 07:33am EST

NJ teen suing parents won't get immediate support

Judge denies request to immediately force NJ honor student's parents to pay child support

Tuesday - 03/04/2014, 11:50pm EST

Transgender student recants sexual assault report

Police: California transgender teen who claimed assault in school bathroom recants

Tuesday - 03/04/2014, 10:50pm EST

Brown releases plan on educational achievement gap

Democratic candidate for governor releases plan on closing educational achievement gap

Tuesday - 03/04/2014, 06:37pm EST

Worker takes fake bomb to New Mexico school

New Mexico district to discipline worker who took fake explosive device to elementary school

Tuesday - 03/04/2014, 05:10pm EST

Republicans denounce Obama's new budget plan

Tuesday - 03/04/2014, 03:31pm EST

Air Force Academy begins another cheating probe

Air Force Academy investigating fourth cheating case since 2004; 40 cadets may be involved

Tuesday - 03/04/2014, 03:22pm EST
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