5 reasons bonds may be less safe than you think

Bonds seem stable, but risks are mounting; 5 reasons they may be less safe than you think

Thursday - 10/02/2014, 01:42am EDT

Ebola worries could keep some Dallas students home

Cautious parents remove kids from Dallas schools after 5 students exposed to Ebola patient

Thursday - 10/02/2014, 01:18am EDT

Ebola-infected passenger was sent home from ER

Passenger who brought Ebola to US was sent home from ER, despite telling nurse about travels

Thursday - 10/02/2014, 12:38am EDT

Man convicted of murder in killing over loud music

Florida man convicted of 1st-degree murder for killing teenager after argument over loud music

Wednesday - 10/01/2014, 09:22pm EDT

Study: The 20 most-ticketed vehicles in U.S.

Red sports car have long been thought to incur the most traffic tickets, but a new study reveals which vehicles get the most traffic tickets.

Wednesday - 10/01/2014, 08:57pm EDT

Trooper accidentally shot in training exercise

Authorities: State trooper killed when another trooper's gun accidentally discharged

Wednesday - 10/01/2014, 08:06pm EDT

Girl missing for 12 years found with mom in Mexico

Texas girl reported kidnapped 12 years ago found with mother in Mexico; mother facing charges

Wednesday - 10/01/2014, 07:50pm EDT

Weather service storm forecasts get more localized

New computer model pinpoints storms better, faster in weather service severe weather forecasts

Wednesday - 10/01/2014, 07:18pm EDT

Former President Carter celebrates 90th birthday

Former President Jimmy Carter celebrates 90th birthday, says he's had 'a good first 90 years'

Wednesday - 10/01/2014, 05:49pm EDT

Hunting banned, tourism down in manhunt zone

Hunting banned, tourism down in police manhunt zone; business as usual in rest of Poconos

Wednesday - 10/01/2014, 04:23pm EDT

Mock, 1st female pilot to circle globe, dies at 88

'Flying housewife' Jerrie Mock, first woman to fly solo around the world in 1964, dies at 88

Wednesday - 10/01/2014, 04:22pm EDT

A decade after welcoming wind, states reconsider

A decade after welcoming wind industry, opposition beginning to mount in some states

Wednesday - 10/01/2014, 04:06pm EDT

Official: 5 kids had contact with Ebola patient

School official: 5 students had contact with Ebola patient in Dallas, showing no symptoms

Wednesday - 10/01/2014, 03:30pm EDT

Pennsylvania infant hit by bullet will be blind

Family: Pennsylvania infant hit by hunter's stray bullet expected to survive, will be blind

Wednesday - 10/01/2014, 02:50pm EDT

Biologists identify pot gardens as salmon threat

Federal biologists identify marijuana gardens in California, Oregon as key threat to salmon

Wednesday - 10/01/2014, 01:10pm EDT

Ford's US sales down 3 percent in September

Ford's US sales drop 3 percent in September on weaker pickup sales

Wednesday - 10/01/2014, 11:40am EDT

FBI turns animal cruelty into top-tier felony

FBI turns animal cruelty into top-tier felony, allowing easier tracking of crimes against pets

Wednesday - 10/01/2014, 11:30am EDT

Pillsbury's 'Pizza Cake' recipe goes viral

There's deep-dish pizza and then there's really deep-dish pizza.

Wednesday - 10/01/2014, 07:41am EDT

Judge to sentence man in tree-lighting terror case

Mohamed Mohamud to be sentenced Wednesday for plot to attack Christmas tree-lighting ceremony

Wednesday - 10/01/2014, 06:38am EDT

California becomes first state to ban plastic bags

California becomes first state to ban single-use plastic bags at grocery, convenience stores

Wednesday - 10/01/2014, 04:50am EDT
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